Denver Breweries: Spotlight on One of Five Points’ Finest Additions

Denver breweries are not confined to a handful of streets. As a matter of fact, there are many sidewalk-lined areas in the Mile High City that sport a multitude of fantastic establishments where one can throw back a taste of liquid artistry. Five Points is one of them. It is where you’ll find the recently established, Spangalang Brewery. The brew masters there opened their doors to the public in April 2015.

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Beer from Spangalang, one of Denver’s newest additions, is only available on tap at the brewery.

The brewery is located in a thriving strip mall but don’t let that deter you from stopping by after work for a drink. There is nothing “mass market” about their flavorful beers and you certainly won’t find them for sale in retail stores. Yes, we’re talking about pints drawn straight from the tap and nothing more.

Each one is well thought out and unique, right down to its intriguing moniker. At the moment, guests may choose from a fewIPAs, imperial stouts, a saison, Belgian table beer and a Belgian-style double. And they sport fun, roll off of your tongue names like Love Supreme, Hop Colossus, Night Walker Con Alma and Soul Sauce.

Prices at the Spangalang Brewery are easy on the pocket too. A sample will cost you a mere buck but you can expect to pay more for the 10 and 16 ounce servings. Not much more though. For now, all of their craft beer offerings are priced below $8 a glass. As for the ABVs, they range from a modest 4.5 to a hefty, 10.2 percent. The Belgian table beer is on the light end and the fermented, imperial stouts are on the other.

Of course a good, craft brew isn’t anything unless it’s served with a bit of hospitality and that’s exactly what you’ll find atSpangalang. The staff is friendly, the beer is cold and the taproom is clean as well as comfortable. To learn more about the place and other Denver Breweries in the Five Points area, please contact us.

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