Team Building Activities

Here at Denver Microbrew Tour, we have a variety of pre-planned team building activities designed to drive interactivity and strengthen bonds between team members while on the Denver Microbrew Tour.  Here are our most popular options:

Street Art Scavenger Hunt 

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Encourage friendly competition between small teams with a scavenger hunt.

Teams work together to find a number of specific pieces of art throughout the city.  Targets range from obvious to obscure, and this is sure to keep your team engaged and slightly competitive throughout the afternoon.  

  • How it works: At the beginning of the tour, each team will be given a list of items to find.  To confirm that they found them, they’ll simply need to snap a photo of it and upload to our interactive app.  Each scavenger hunt item will have a specific point value.  At the end of the day, the team that found the most points will win bragging rights and a small prize.  
  • Cost: $25 additional per person for design, coordination, and execution.  
  • Time needed: Generally adds about 30 minutes to the overall experience.   
  • Best for: Large groups (>20), but works for any group size.

Interactive Trivia Session

Trivia with Denver Microbrew Tour

Foster individual competition with our interactive craft beer trivia.  

At one location on the tour, we will offer a trivia session, with 3 rounds.  The questions will be beer related, but not all beer geeky.  The session is fun and approachable for both beer lovers and those new to beer.  We also include a couple interactive questions and “get-to-know-yous” in the trivia, to help keep things fun and help individuals share a bit more about themselves. 

  • How it works: We use an app that allows us to offer fun and interactive trivia experiences.  At one location, we’ll share our computer screen on a large TV so everyone can see the app. Participants will join the trivia by scanning a QR code, then answer questions individually on their phones.  Each question has a point value, and at the end, the individual with the most points wins bragging rights and a small prize.  
  • Cost: $100 for up to 10 people, then $5 / person after that.  
  • Time Needed: This option generally adds about 30 minutes to a tour.  
  • Best for: groups less than ~20

Blind Beer Tasting Workshop

Host a Blind Beer Tasting

Encourage team members to work together to decide which beer is which.

Put your team to the test with our blind beer tasting!  After leading your group through a hands-on tasting of beer ingredients, our team will lead your group in a blind tasting of 3 beers.  

  • How it works: Participants will be instructed on how to evaluate beer flavors, then given a beer, and given a printed sheet with 3-5 choices of what the beer could be (including detailed descriptions of the beer). Participants will then write down their guess of what the beer is, and once everyone has committed to their guess, the guide will let them know the beer chosen.  We'll also have blindfolds available in case you want to do a truly "blind" tasting!
  • Beer ingredients will be provided so that participants can familiarize themselves with the aromas and flavors they may expect to experience when tasting these beers.  
  • Cost: $100 for up to 10 people, then $5 / person after that.  
  • Best for: groups less than ~20

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