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At Denver Microbrew Tour, we offer a comprehensive suite of options designed to enhance your event with the unique flavors  Colorado's craft beer scene. From private guided brewery tours to onsite beer or whiskey tasting experiences, we ensure a memorable and engaging addition to your conference activities.

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Private Tours

Denver Microbrew Tour Private Beer Tours

Private Brewery Tours are a great way to see the city!

Want to give your attendees a first hand experience of the craft beer scene in Colorado? We can help! We can create private tours and experiences for groups of 5 to 100, and coordinate every minute detail.

What’s included:

  • All our private tours include:
    • Expert guided walking tour experience. 
    • Visits to 3-4 breweries
    • 10+ Beer samples along the way
    • Souvenir sample glass for all attendees. 
    • Optional customizations

Best for:

  • Groups of 5 - 100, for activities such as
    • Team building 
    • Conference networking events
    • Client entertainment

How it works:

Pricing: Starts at $65 (plus gratuity) per person.  Learn more about our private tour options or download our Services Guide.

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Onsite Beer or Whiskey Tasting Experience

Don’t have the time or budget for an offsite beer tour?  No problem!  Let us bring the tasting to you.  We can create a craft beer or whiskey tasting experience at your event.  

We’ll provide experts to lead a guided tasting of 4-6 Colorado craft beers or whiskeys at a reception during your conference.  We’ll work with your conference center to curate a selection of beers or whiskeys that showcase 4+ distinct styles from different breweries / distilleries across the state.  

At the event itself, our beer and whiskey experts will guide your attendees through:

  • The Art of Beer Tasting: Learn to savor beer like a connoisseur, understanding the nuances that make each beer unique.
  • Beer 101: Dive into the world of beer styles, from ales to lagers and everything in between.
  • Ingredients Up-Close: Touch, see, and taste the grains and hops that form the foundation of your favorite beers.

What’s included: 

  • Engaging and entertaining onsite expert(s) to lead the beer or whiskey tasting.
  • Curated craft beer or whiskey selection, based on what’s available at your location. 
  • Grains, hops, and beer books to show add to the look of the tasting station.  
  • Plastic tasting cups (optional).  

What’s not included:

  • Beer or whiskey (must be purchased through your conference center).  
  • Glassware (if preferred over plastic tasting cups).

Best for:

  • Groups who want to showcase Colorado’s craft beverages, but may not have the time or budget for a full excursion to a brewery.  

How it works:

  • Once you choose to add a beer / whiskey expert to your event:
    • We’ll work with your conference center to coordinate the beverage selection. 
    • We’ll be onsite 60+ minutes before the start of your event. 
  • Our beer and whiskey expert services are billed hourly, with a 4-hour minimum per expert.  Beer and whiskey selection services are included.  

Pricing: Starts at $500 base rate per expert for up to 4 hours, then $85 / hour.  

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Custom Discount Codes for Public Tours

Don’t have the time in the schedule or budget for a private tour?  We’d be happy to create a custom discount code for your attendees that you can add to your website or other conference materials so that your attendees can check out the Denver Microbrew Tour on their own!  

How it works:

  • We’ll provide a custom discount code, tour description, and 2-3 images for you to publish to your site or conference materials. 
  • Your attendees will be able to book a tour at a time that fits their schedule.  

Best for:

  • Conference planners looking to add value for attendees at a large conference by providing a list of curated activities for the attendees to check out the city before or after the conference.  

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