The Ultimate Guide to Denver Team-Building Ideas 40+ Epic Experiences Your Group Will Love

The Ultimate Guide to Denver Team-Building Ideas: 40+ Epic Experiences Your Group Will Love

Many employees find it more challenging than ever to collaborate with team members. In part, this feeling of disconnection can be attributed to less time in the office, remote workers scattered around the country, and various industry challenges. Simply put, a large majority would agree that workplace culture hasn’t quite recovered since the pandemic. But fortunately, there are many ways to reinvigorate your valued team members’ spirit and enthusiasm at your company. 

As professional local tour guides, we’re here to help you discover the best team-building activities in Denver. This extensive list covers options for every interest, from engaging educational experiences to outdoor adventures, friendly competitions, and more. We also share options for groups of all sizes, along with helpful tips to help you plan corporate events in Denver with ease. Whether you’re a local company or visiting as a group, this comprehensive guide addresses all your questions and needs. Let’s get started!

Fun and Educational Team Building Activities in Denver

Good news for some — the below Denver team-building ideas aren’t industry conferences or lectures. Though, they do have an educational component! Consider these options if your team wants to learn more about the Denver area and its culture. Suggestions include food and drink tours, art museums and classes, and more engaging activities. 

Attend Our RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour to Discover Denver Culture

RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour
RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour

Denver is full of places to grab a pint. But few areas have as many options as the trendy River North Art District, where more than 20 craft breweries operate within a one-mile radius. Referred to as RiNo by locals, this former industrial neighborhood has been revitalized by artists and artisans. 

One of the best ways to experience its fun, upbeat vibe is on a RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour. On this mile-long stroll, you and your team will have the opportunity to sample a variety of beers at four top RiNo breweries. These include Bierstadt Lagerhaus, known for its traditional German lagers and signature Slow Pour Pils; and Ratio Beerworks, a microbrewery loved for its spacious patio and punk rock playlist. 

In addition, this Denver team-building activity highlights vibrant street art created by local artists. Expect tons of photo opportunities and insights about various murals as you walk between stops. 

From expressive art to expertly crafted beer, this tour encapsulates some of the best aspects of Denver’s culture. Both local companies and those visiting the city should highly consider this team-building idea. Mid-day tours are available daily and we’re happy to customize the experience to your preferences. See our team building activity add-ons and corporate tours webpage for additional information.

Learn About Abstract Expressionism at the Clyfford Still Museum

Abstract Expressionism at the Clyfford Still Museum
Screenshot Taken From: Clyfford Still Museum

The Clyfford Still Museum highlights the work of this groundbreaking Abstract Expressionist. Clyfford Still was at the forefront of the artistic movement, which became mainstream in the 1940s following World War II. Works are characterized by intense emotion and often evoke a sense of rebellion.

While you wouldn’t want the latter to permeate your workplace, the Clyfford Still Museum is a worthy team-building experience in Denver. The artist’s large-scale paintings are thought-provoking and sure to strike up conversations among co-workers. This attraction is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm daily. 

Take a Tour of Stranahan’s, Known for Its Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan’s Distillery
Screenshot Taken From: Stranahan’s Distillery

For twenty years, Stranahan’s has offered quality whiskeys to Colorado and beyond. Six small batch, single malt whiskeys make up its selection, each of which is made with Rocky Mountain snowmelt. Given that they’ve all won awards, whiskey fans can’t go wrong in ordering. Though, to sample several and build on the experience, consider booking one of the distillery’s tours

American Single Malt Whiskey Tours are offered daily and cost just $20 per person. During this hour-long experience, teams will have the opportunity to learn about Stranahan’s and its distilling methods. Four whiskey samples are also included — a great perk because let’s be honest, team-building activities could use a bit of social lubricant! 

Other guided tastings are also available, as are cocktail classes. Additionally, mixed drinks are served at its on-site lounge, which is open Thursday through Monday. Sip on classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs, plus seasonal beverages including a few sweeter, less spirit-forward options. 

Sip Natural Wine at Balistreri Vineyards

Sip Natural Wine at Balistreri Vineyards
Screenshot Taken From: Balistreri Vineyards

This family-owned and operated winery in North Denver has specialized in natural wines since opening in 1998. The spacious venue is perfect for hosting large private events. But even smaller corporate teams in Denver can enjoy a visit to Balistreri Vineyards by booking a wine tasting reservation

During the experience, guests may select from up to twenty wine varieties. Following an hour-long tasting, Balistreri Vineyards offers a brief fifteen-minute tour of its facility. Opt for lunch reservations to lengthen your team-building event — and if the weather allows, definitely take advantage of its charming outdoor patio. 

Enjoy 10+ Tastings on the LoDo Craft Beer Tour

LoDo Craft Beer Tour
LoDo Craft Beer Tour

In addition to our RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour, Denver Microbrew Tour offers a beer-centric experience in the heart of downtown Denver. Given its location, this tour covers more of the city’s history. But don’t worry — this corporate event won’t bore your co-workers by any means. Rather, they’ll get scandalous tidbits into Denver’s Wild West past. Think grave robbers, the city’s original red light district, and, of course, how beer became one of its greatest industries. 

The LoDo Craft Beer Tour includes 10+ beer tastings and visits to four top breweries in Lower Downtown. Colorado’s first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Company, is on the agenda and is beloved for its lengthy menu and billiard tables. Connect with co-workers at and between stops, taking in sites like Union Station and Dairy Block along the one-mile route. 

This two-hour tour is so popular as a Denver corporate team-building activity that it has even been featured in the New York Times! Book on Friday through Sunday or customize your tour by reaching out via our corporate events page

Get Creative and a Little Tipsy at Painting with a Twist

Screenshot Painting with a Twist
Screenshot Taken From: Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist has several locations throughout the metro area, including Lakewood, Lone Tree, and downtown Denver. This art studio chain allows teams to embrace their creative side with interactive painting classes taught by professional instructors. Sessions include all necessary materials like canvases, brushes, and paints — plus wine! 

All skill levels are welcome to attend this engaging team-building activity. The step-by-step painting process is easy to follow, resulting in a beautiful piece of art. Or, maybe not so beautiful if you’re reaching more-so for your Pinot than your paintbrush. Either way, this art class is sure to be memorable for you and your co-workers. 

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Thrill-Seekers

Given Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains, thrilling team-building activities are just a quick day trip away! From white water rafting to ski getaways, this section covers options for every season and some of the best aspects of life in Colorado. It also highlights a few exciting activities right here in the Mile High City. 

Splash Down Clear Creek on a White Water Rafting Adventure

White Water Rafting
Photo credit: Unsplash

Get your team excited and engaged on a white water rafting adventure. Local outfitter AVA offers several trips just outside of Denver and caters to varying skill levels. Beginners will meet their guide in Idaho Springs and embark on a third-day trip down seven miles of Upper Clear Creek. Together, your team will take on eleven rapids — granting the opportunity to build communication and collaboration skills. 

If you and your co-workers are up for a challenge, opt for one of AVA’s bundle packages. These grant a half-day on the water, plus an extra adrenaline-pumping activity: zip lining or climbing a via ferrata. Similarly, these challenges allow teams to build confidence, all in a fun and safe environment thanks to AVA’s proper equipment and trained, professional staff. 

Learn the Ropes at an Indoor Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing
Photo credit: Unsplash

Climbing is a great team-building activity in Denver, as it encourages communication and trust in one’s co-workers. Plus, it’s accommodating to all abilities and experience levels. 

Those unfamiliar with the sport should consider an indoor rock climbing gym, like Movement RiNo. This facility is conveniently located in one of Denver’s most upbeat and easy-to-access neighborhoods. Similarly, its climbing instructors are a fun-loving crowd who can show your team members the ropes in an approachable way. They’ll learn the basics of climbing, belaying, and safety during your private corporate event.

Alternatively, smaller teams who are familiar with climbing can explore hundreds of outdoor climbing routes. Some of the best areas near Denver include Clear Creek Canyon, North Table, and Lookout Mountain. Of course, outdoor climbing comes with its risks so to help navigate your event, consider hiring a professional guide with Climb Denver

Get Your Thrills at iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Screenshot Indoor Skydiving
Screenshot Taken From: iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Let’s be honest, skydiving is one of the best ways to show that you are a true thrill-seeker. However, not every team member may be as willing to jump out of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground. To accommodate all preferences and amplify safety, book a corporate event with iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Located in Lone Tree, this team-building activity is sure to get everyone’s heart pumping. But unlike outdoor skydiving, the sensation is more like floating in the air — rather than free-falling. It’s a fun experience that allows your team to socialize, cheer each other on, and simply try something new. 

Free-Fall Above the Plains with Rocky Mountain Skydiving

Outdoor Skydiving
Photo credit: Pexels

Have a smaller team that wants to turn things up a notch? Book an experience with Rocky Mountain Skydiving, an outfitter that operates in the plains roughly 45 minutes north of Denver. This experience allows true thrill seekers to take on and conquer their fears — and after all, don’t you want daring, confident workers in the office? 

Do note that tours with Rocky Mountain Skydiving have a few safety-related requirements. For one, participants must be under 220 pounds. They must also be in good physical health and at least 18 years old. While this activity may not suit all companies, it’s one to pitch if your team is one to challenge the status quo. 

Climb the Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata

Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata
Screenshot Taken From: Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata

The Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata recently opened and takes fame as the highest attraction of its kind in North America. “Via ferrata” translates to iron way, and essentially features metal handholds and footholds across mountainous terrain. Arguably, it’s easier than rock climbing — but the element of height is no different. 

While climbing up Arapahoe Basin’s East Wall is largely independent, this outing allows teams to work through challenges and share a memorable experience. Tours accommodate groups of up to five people and are available seasonally starting in May. 

Embark on an Exciting Ski Trip

Keystone Resort
Image Taken From: Keystone Resort

There are several incredible ski resorts within a one to two-hour drive from Denver. Echo Mountain is the closest option at just around 45 minutes from downtown. It even offers night skiing on select dates, allowing your team to hit the slopes after the work day. 

Other nearby ski areas include Nederland’s Eldora Mountain, Winter Park Resort, and Arapahoe Basin, all of which are on the Ikon Pass. If your team is more-so dominated by Epic Pass holders, consider Keystone Resort and Breckenridge Ski Resort. All of these options also have activities for those who don’t ski or snowboard, such as snow tubing and ice skating. 

Scream on Thrilling Rides and Roller Coasters at Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens
Screenshot Taken From: Elitch Gardens

Who says that thrilling team-building activities have to involve the mountains? You and your co-workers can get an adrenaline rush right here in Denver with a trip to Elitch Gardens. It offers a classic theme park experience with carnival games, water slides, and scream-worthy roller coasters. You’ll definitely want to purchase those mid-drop photos for this year’s holiday card!

Work Together to Complete a Challenging Escape Room

Escape Rooms
Photo credit: Freepik

Few attractions promote team building like escape rooms. These interactive puzzles encourage collaboration, communication, and problem-solving — all of which are skills you hope will transfer to the office. They also allow team members to demonstrate their strong suits and rely on each other’s unique talents. 

EscapeWorks Denver is one of the best spots to book, as it has several themed rooms with varying difficulties. The Egyptian Tomb room, for example, offers moderate challenges while Casino Heist is best suited for experienced players. Certain rooms, like Blackbeard’s Brig and The Speakeasy, accommodate large groups, great for bigger Denver teams. 

Race Around the Indoor Track at Unser Karting and Events

Screenshot Unser Karting and Events
Screenshot Taken From: Podium Karting & Events

Get behind the wheel of a go-kart and race to beat your co-workers, or work as a team to produce the best possible times getting around the track. Either way, you are going to have a great time when you book with Podium Karting & Events

It features a full indoor track so your team-building event in Denver can take off regardless of the weather. Additionally, Podium Karting & Events has a full-service bar and restaurant on-site, plus private event spaces, axe throwing, and a game room with billiards and ping pong tables. This entertainment venue is sure to be a win among all team members. 

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Foodies

Regardless of your co-workers’ hobbies and interests, there’s one thing they can all bond over: food. Fortunately, Denver is full of foodie experiences, from tours and festivals to incredible eateries that well-accommodate groups. Undoubtedly, these are some of the best corporate team-building activities in downtown Denver:

Taste The City’s Best Bites with Delicious Denver Food Tours

Delicious Denver Food Tours
Screenshot Taken From: Delicious Denver Food Tours

Sample some of the city’s best sips and bites on one of several experiences by Delicious Denver Food Tours. This local company’s most popular tour explores downtown Denver and includes five tastings. Savor Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, baked empanadas, wagyu beef tacos on fry bread, and more, all while socializing with co-workers. 

Unlike traditional corporate meals, this experience allows team members to connect with more than just those they’re seated next to. Plus, tours include a bit of local history, allowing teams to better understand and appreciate what makes Denver unique. Clock out for a long lunch or plan a weekend activity, as corporate events are available daily.

Polish Up Your Kitchen Skills in a Cooking Class

Screenshot Denver Cooking Classes
Screenshot Taken From: Denver Cooking Classes

Cooking is a skill that all team members can benefit from knowing a little more about. For a chef-guided experience, book with Denver Cooking Classes, which will allow you and your team to build confidence in making professional-level dishes at home. 

Its team-building classes in Denver highlight its Thai, Italian, or Mexican menus. Participants will be involved in two hours of cooking demonstrations and techniques, followed by an hour of dining on their creations. It’s a collaborative, interactive experience that allows for plenty of social interaction and revolves around a topic that everyone can relate to.

Mash Avocados and Sip Margaritas During The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off
Screenshot Taken From: The Great Guac Off

As demonstrated by The Great Guac Off, cooking classes don’t have to be gourmet. After all, when it comes to corporate events, engagement is what’s most important — and everyone will get excited about an easy, festive dish like guacamole. This Denver team-building activity involves both collaboration and some friendly competition. 

The 90-minute itinerary kicks off with a few icebreakers, trivia, and mini-challenges. The main event follows: making your version of the best-tasting guacamole. Teams are given 45 minutes to create their dish, which may seem like an awfully long time to mash avocados and mix in a few ingredients. But time will fly between sips of margaritas (booze is optional, though encouraged). The event wraps up with judging and tons of tastings, all from the venue of your choosing. 

Take a Seat at the Chef Counter at BRUTØ

Bruto Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Bruto Restaurant

A trip to Michelin-starred restaurant BRUTØ is sure to be a memorable team-building activity in Denver. The intimate eatery is located in Dairy Block and allows guests to watch masterful cooking from Chef Byron Gomez’s counter. Book reservations to experience its prix fixe dinner menu, which highlights seasonal and local ingredients. 

Visit Guard and Grace, One of Downtown’s Most Popular Restaurants

Guard and Grace
Screenshot Taken From: Guard and Grace

Modern steakhouse Guard and Grace is located in the city’s Central Business District, making it easily accessible for many local companies. Visit for an elevated lunch on Tuesdays through Thursdays, or book dinner reservations daily. Given its upscale ambiance and popularity, large groups should definitely plan to RSVP for this team-building idea in downtown Denver. 

Dine on Elevated New American Fare at Mizuna

Screenshot Mizuna Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Mizuna Restaurant

New American restaurant Mizuna is one of several concepts by Chef Frank Bonanno. This mainstay, located on the border of Denver’s Speer and Capitol Hill neighborhoods, is beloved for its tasting menus. Opt for the premium chef’s selections or a series of coastal-inspired dishes. A la carte items are also available, including popular choices like its lobster macaroni and cheese, beef Wellington, and bumps of caviar. A lengthy list of sommelier-selected wines adds to the elevated offerings. 

Head to Larimer Square to Experience Rioja’s Mediterranean Fare

Screenshot Taken From: Rioja

Located in Larimer Square, Rioja specializes in imaginative Mediterranean fare. Think braised short rib, Colorado lamb ricotta gnocchi, handmade artichoke tortelloni, and goat cheese tarts topped with huckleberries. Given the decadent selection, your team may want to opt for the tasting menu which highlights several of the chef team’s best creations. Rioja is open for both lunch and dinner daily and offers both indoor and outdoor seating to varying sizes of groups. 

Enjoy Several Food and Drink Festivals Throughout the Year

Screenshot Enjoy a Food Festival
Photo credit: Freepik

Some of the best team-building activities in Denver are its food festivals. Events happen throughout the year, kicking off with Denver Restaurant Week each March. Dozens of local eateries participate in making exclusive dishes, including some listed above. 

There’s also Mile High Asian Food Week in April, BBQ Fest Denver in May, Denver Greek Festival in June, and both Taste of Ethiopia and the Denver Polish Food Festival in August. Come September, foodies can experience Taste of Colorado and the Denver Food & Wine Festival.

October festivals center less around food and more-so around our favorite libation: beer. Attend the Great American Beer Festival, which features hundreds of craft breweries from around the country, and don’t miss Denver Oktoberfest celebrations, either. 

Believe it or not, this isn’t even a complete list of food and drink festivals in the city! No matter the season, there’s an event right around the corner that is sure to delight your Denver team. 

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Competitive Crowd

Have a team that’s motivated by competition? Tap into that power by planning a Denver team-building activity that encourages some friendly competition. Several of these ideas also encourage collaboration, as teams will break up into smaller groups to compete with each other. 

Aim Foam Arrows at Co-Workers in a Game of Archery Dodgeball

 Archery Games Denver
Screenshot Taken From: Archery Games Denver

The childhood game of dodgeball has received an upgrade. You can now enjoy a version known as archery dodgeball. Similar to the original game but with the twist of using soft bows and arrows to knock out opponents, this is the perfect corporate team-building activity in Denver for a highly competitive team. Check out the Archery Games Denver location for the only arena offering this new game in the area.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Gingerbread Games

Screenshot Gingerbread Wars
Screenshot Taken From: Gingerbread Games

The holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year at many companies — but also one of the most stressful given end-of-year quotas and MIA co-workers. Lighten the mood and get into the spirit of things with Gingerbread Games

This fun activity encourages teamwork and creativity, as in-person groups will work together to build the best gingerbread houses. Those participating from a remote environment will receive gingerbread people kits. Either way, judging is based solely on design, allowing all co-workers to participate, no matter their location.

Hit the Target at Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing
Image Taken From: Bad Axe Throwing

While the idea of axe throwing may sound a bit intense for an office outing, Bad Axe Throwing sets a clear objective in a safe environment. Aim your axe at the given targets, each set in its own lanes, and compete with your peers to see who is the most accurate. Individual and team-based games are available, as are axe-throwing instructors to help participants unfamiliar with this less traditional sport. Beer and wine help more reserved team members get into the swing of things, too.

Experience Colorado’s Largest Laser Tag Arena

Screenshot LLT Laser Fun Center
Screenshot Taken From: LLT Laser Fun Center

Denver teams can’t go wrong with a classic game of laser tag. While there are attractions closer to the city, we recommend a trip to Loveland Laser Tag, the largest laser tag arena in Colorado. This attraction spans 5,700 square feet and grants up to 40 players a time. Not only does this team-building activity allow participants to work on their cooperation skills, but it’s approachable to all and downright fun. 

Let Loose at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
Image Taken From: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Organize a number of different games at the trampoline park at Urban Air Adventure in downtown Denver. Your team will enjoy the ability to connect with each other in a way that they simply couldn’t in the office.

Get Competitive at American Paintball Coliseum

American Paintball Coliseum
Screenshot Taken From: American Paintball Coliseum

Another fun sport to include in your team-building ideas in Denver is the American Paintball Coliseum. They offer opportunities that include paintball, laser tag, airsoft, and many other ultra-competitive events.

Denver Team-Building Activities for Large Groups

Do you lead a large group of employees? If so, you need to look for locations that can take care of large teams like this. After all, you don’t want anyone to get left behind, and you certainly want the dynamic to be constructive and helpful for the entire team to engage in the team-building activity. The following are some options for those looking for things to do with a large group.

Engage in Team Building Activities with Denver Microbrew Tour

Denver Bachelorette Parties with Beer

In addition to our corporate beer tours, Denver Microbrew Tour offers special team-building activities. These opportunities can build on any of our tour itineraries:

  • Street Art Scavenger Hunt – This collaborative activity is best suited for large corporate teams of 20+ participants. As multiple small groups, they’ll search for art throughout the city. When targets are located, they’ll simply snap a photo, upload it to our interactive app, and earn points for each find. The team with the most points at the end wins! 
  • Interactive Trivia Session – At one stop along your beer tour, your guide will break out a fun and approachable trivia game. We’ll pull up questions on a large screen and ask participants to join the game on their phones by scanning a QR code. They’ll answer as individuals and earn points for correct answers. Whoever scores the most points wins a small prize — and bragging rights! Book this activity if your team is less than 20 persons. 
  • Blind Beer Tasting Workshop – Your guide will provide team members with common beer ingredients, allowing them to pick up on their distinct flavors and aromas. Then, participants will be blindfolded, receive a beer to sample, and guess what they tasted from a list of possible answers. This fun, interactive experience is best for groups of up to 20 people.

Snap Funky Photos at the Denver Selfie Museum

Denver Selfie Museum
Screenshot Taken From: Denver Selfie Museum

This is a space where you can take photos that are truly something delightful and special. The Denver Selfie Museum is a great place to get a large group together for some interesting and mind-bending photographs. The team will never forget the day because of all of the cool pictures they get to take with each other. You will appreciate everyone coming together like this for some fun and memories.

Get in Some Exercise with Adult Field Day

Get in Some Exercise with Adult Field Day
Image Taken From: Unsplash

Large groups love to get together and recreate some of their favorite experiences from childhood. One of those experiences is sure to be the field day experience from when they were in school. Adult Field Day encourages you to get out there and act like a kid once again. They say that you get to drink like an adult while you play like a kid. They can also take on large groups and award prizes and other fun rewards for those who participate.

Welcome Creativity at Ceramics in the City

Screenshot Ceramics in the City
Screenshot Taken From: Ceramics in the City

The people who host the Ceramics in the City event are happy to take on a large group if you decide to bring the whole team. You will have the chance to allow your team to enjoy the expert direction of an entire team of individuals who are dedicated to helping your team make their favorite pottery pieces and so much more. If that is the kind of thing that appeals to you and the people on your team, then you should make sure you don’t miss the chance to show them a great time at this team-building activity in downtown Denver.

Denver Team-Building Activities for Sports Lovers

Sports are something that can bring us all together, and they should be on your list of team-building activities in downtown Denver to try out.

Catch a Colorado Rockies Game

Colorado Rockies
Screenshot Taken From: Colorado Rockies

See the Colorado Rockies knock out some home runs while you and the team enjoy the atmosphere and the chance to talk with one another in a setting outside of the office. Check for group rates on something like this to receive discounted tickets.

Slam Dunk Team Building with a Denver Nuggets Game

Denver Nuggets Game
Image Taken From: Denver Nuggets

Another professional team that Denver boasts of is the Denver Nuggets. In fact, the team just took home the latest NBA Championship. Riding high on a major victory like that, the Denver Nuggets are a fun team to watch.

Cheer on the Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team 

Screenshot Colorado Avalanche
Screenshot Taken From: Colorado Avalanche

Finally, don’t forget about checking out the professional hockey players of the Colorado Avalanche. They provide a great show with each game, and you will find that going to one of their games can be an excellent team-building activity in Denver as well.

Classic Denver Team-Building Activities

Sometimes you just want to go with the classics, and there is nothing wrong with that either. If you think your team will respond best to some throwback team-building ideas in downtown Denver, then you should go for it. Certain examples include the following:

Break Your Record or Compete as Teams at Bowlero

Bowlero Cherry Creek
Screenshot Taken From: Bowlero Cherry Creek

Bowlero Cherry Creek is the place to check out if you want to give your team a classic team-building experience. The bowling is something of a sideshow compared to the relationships that are formed on the lanes.

See Fascinating Creatures at the Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium
Image Taken From: Downtown Aquarium

One of the team-building ideas in downtown Denver that you want to keep high up on your list is a trip to the Downtown Aquarium. It is a great place to see the marvels of our natural world manifested in a way that you might never have imagined possible otherwise. Check it out for yourself and make sure you take the whole team out to explore the wonders of the aquarium.

Laugh It Up at Comedy Works

Comedy Works
Screenshot Taken From: Comedy Works

Work can be so serious sometimes that you lose sight of the fact that you need to blow off some steam and laugh a little. Take the team down to the Comedy Works club in downtown Denver to let them enjoy a laugh with some of the most talented comedians out there.

Relax with a Trip to the Spa

Woodhouse Day Spa
Image Taken From: Woodhouse Day Spa

Speaking of unwinding and taking it easy, there is no better way to do so than a trip to the spa. It can be a team-building experience in Denver when you book a reservation at the Woodhouse Day Spa. They will treat the entire team to the relaxation and comfort that they deserve.

Tips for Planning Corporate Events in Denver

Phew! As you’ve now learned, there are tons of ideas for Denver team-building activities. But narrowing down what you want to do is just part of the planning process. Below, we’ll discuss why team-building events are important, what goals they aim to achieve, and how to go about coordinating them in the Mile High City. 

Understand the Purpose of Team-Building Activities

The Ultimate Guide to Denver Team-Building Ideas 40+ Epic Experiences Your Group Will Love
Photo credit: Freepik

There are some common misconceptions about what team-building activities are. To clarify, team-building activities are not trade conferences, training calls, or the like. That’s not to say that they can’t revolve around your company’s particular industry. For example, if you own a restaurant, your team may love to attend a food festival! But a lecture about knife safety is unlikely to excite them, nor will it encourage collaboration — and therefore, it does qualify as a team-building activity. explains, “Proper team-building activities should build better communication pathways, improve problem-solving skills, and improve company culture.” Its article adds that even 30-minute activities can boost morale, increase productivity, and improve work output. 

Consider Your Unique Company Goals

Certain team-building activities in Denver better address particular goals. For example, corporate experiences with Denver Microbrew Tour are great activities for socializing. They allow employees to establish common ground with several team members in a short period of time — whereas traditional corporate dinners limit employees to connecting with those they’re seated close to. 

Denver team-building activities like escape rooms prioritize problem-solving, while others like white water rafting and archery dodgeball encourage teamwork. Some inspire creativity or simply joy, which teams can deeply benefit from, too. Before selecting your ideal event, it’s important to consider what goals you hope to accomplish. 

Speak with the Venue or Tour Operator in Advance

Speak with the Venue or Tour Operator in Advance
Image Taken From: Unsplash

Before setting your heart on any particular team-building idea, be sure to speak with the venue or tour operator. Be specific about your preferred event date and time to ensure availability. You should also communicate your group size to confirm that the venue or tour is suitable for your team. If your desired event revolves around food and/or beverages, inquire about how they can accommodate any potential dietary restrictions. 

Also, be upfront about your budget. Know that some venues may have spending minimums, additional fees, and so forth. Discussing these details ahead of time can save both parties significant time and effort, and will help ensure all attendees have a positive experience. 

Additionally, event organizers should reserve team-building activities in advance whenever possible. This is especially important for large groups, but also beneficial for smaller teams. That way, your event is guaranteed to happen and will begin without any delay. 

Poll Your Team to Determine the Best Activity

After considering your objectives and speaking with various venues, compile a short list of ideal team-building ideas in Denver. Then, have all participants vote for their favorite activity. Even if everyone can’t agree on a singular event, this gives every team member the opportunity to voice their preferences. Communication is paramount in the workplace and this is one way in which you can start your team-building efforts on the right foot. 

While generally, the majority vote should win, this also gives event coordinators the opportunity to understand any co-workers’ limitations. For example, health restrictions may limit a person from engaging in some of these recommended activities, especially those suggested to thrill-seekers. 

Share All Important Event Details with Your Team

Share All Important Event Details with Your Team
Image Taken From: Unsplash

It can be tricky to get everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to larger teams. To minimize any last-minute confusion, provide team members with all the important event details at least a week prior to your activity. We recommend sending specifics in writing, such as via email or your company’s preferred communication channel. That way, participants have a reference tool — and you can avoid answering the same questions over and over again. 

Always communicate the team-building event’s time and location, plus a day-of contact. Depending on the event, other pertinent information may include recommended attire, parking and transportation, an Uber event code, and so forth.

Have a Backup Plan

Don’t forget that unforeseen circumstances could derail your event. This is especially true for outdoor activities that are largely dependent on the weather. Make sure you have a backup plan in case things go wrong — and no, lame cop-outs like ordering lunch into the office do not count. You should select a backup plan that’s still compelling to your team and encourages similar goals.

For example, in case lighting cancels your white water rafting tour in Idaho Springs, call a couple of breweries in town ahead of time. That way, your team can still enjoy a day trip into the mountains and have the opportunity to socialize. Instead of building collaborative skills on the water, maybe they’d play trivia or team-based board games at the pub. Not all will be lost if you plan ahead! 

FAQs About Denver Team Building Ideas

FAQs About Denver Team Building Ideas
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Why choose Denver for team building?

You should choose Denver for team building because the city has activities for every preference. Varying group sizes can engage in fun educational events, thrilling adventures, activities that encourage friendly competition, and more. The city also caters to both local and visiting companies given its wide array of accommodations and transportation options. 

What do you need to think about when planning a team-building outing?

Most importantly, you need to think about your objectives when planning a team-building outing. Certain activities are better suited for particular goals, whether that be boosting morale, encouraging collaboration, problem-solving, and so forth. 

You should also think about your group size, a venue or tour operator’s availability, and your team members’ preferences. It’s also important to have a backup plan, especially when it comes to outdoor team-building activities in Denver and the surrounding area.

What are the best Denver team-building ideas? 

Some of the best Denver team-building ideas include beer tasting with Denver Microbrew Tour, white water rafting down Clear Creek, taking on an escape room, and watching a Colorado Rockies baseball game. 

However, the “best” activity will largely depend on your company’s unique goals and team members’ preferences. We recommend polling participants before booking an experience to ensure that they’ll be engaged and excited about the planned event. 

A Final Note About Denver Team-Building Activities

Final Note About Denver Team-Building Activities
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As recently reported by the Denver Business Journal, LinkedIn named Denver one of the fastest-growing cities for entrepreneurs. Additionally, The Denver Post published that Denver saw 115,000 new residents from 2010 to 2020, which totaled a 20% population increase. 

It stands to reason that a place growing as rapidly as Denver will continue to attract more and more entrepreneurs. However, while anyone can hire and train individuals, it takes a real leader to create a cohesive team that enthusiastically strives towards the same objective. 

While getting together for drinks or engaging in an after-work activity may seem insignificant, it makes a huge difference in employee satisfaction and workplace performance. Harvard Business Review notes that both recognition and appreciation are key components to maintaining high morale. Both can be doled out in large quantities when you and your team take a break from the day-to-day grind. 

Hopefully, this guide to Denver team-building ideas has inspired you and given you the confidence to plan an event that will leave a lasting impact on your company and its team members. Before you go, consider sharing the word! Post this article on your social channels so that other professionals know where to turn when their team needs a boost. And, of course, contact Denver Microbrew Tour if you’d like to schedule a team-building event with our dedicated, fun-loving team!