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30+ Denver Bachelor Party Ideas, with Planning Guide

Did you know that Denver is known as one of the best places to host a bachelor party? With the mountain backdrop, legalized recreational weed, and endless places to drink beer, we aren’t surprised. Whether you live near Denver or across the country, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about planning a bachelor party in Denver, along with enough Denver bachelor party ideas for you to throw a party the groom and his guests will never forget.

If you’ve been tasked with planning your friend’s bachelor party, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to plan the perfect bachelor party in Denver, complete with sample itineraries, and the 30+ best bachelor party ideas in Denver.  We’ve even included a full planning guide that takes you step-by-step through all the things you need to think about when planning your party.

We have you covered with ideas for every type of bachelor, so use our outline below navigate your way around our top ideas for bachelor parties in Denver. Whether your bachelor is the type who is into adventuring outside, playing arcade games, or kicking back with a cigar and a scotch, you’re in the right spot.

Choose one (or a few) of these ideas to host the best bachelor party in Denver that your friend could ask for, whether you’re a Denver native or are planning a visit for the first time.

Denver Bachelor Party Planning Guide

Choose the Date and Plan the Party - Denver Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning a bachelor party in Denver isn’t rocket science, but it does require a little effort. Traditionally, the best man does the planning, so if that’s you, consider this your cheat sheet. Start planning early, especially if you have to make plane and lodging reservations.

3 months out: Pick your dates and guests

First, you’ve got to nail down a date that works for the groom and his best buds. Start by finding a time that works for the groom and his groomsmen. If you need some help, set up a doodle poll. Hopefully, other friends can also make it, but, if not, at least he’ll have his closest buds there.

Pro tip: While planning, you can also use doodle to take a poll of the most popular Denver bachelor party ideas for your group.

Pick A Date

Pick a date at least ten weeks in advance that doesn’t fall on any holidays or days of social obligations for the groom or his best friends. If your groom is hesitant to include people like his dad, father-in-law, or weirdly quiet cousin, but also doesn’t want to make them feel excluded, suggest hosting a separate, more casual event like a dinner that’s closer to home, and inviting everyone.

Choose the guests

As for how many guests to invite, keep it small, to around 16 people. Too many people and you run into problems like not all sitting together at meals or having a hard time finding a place for everyone to crash. Too few people and it feels less like a party and more like a pity night out. Keep in mind that most people won’t be able to travel for a bachelor party, so if you’re hosting out of town, your group will probably be small. A small group of close friends can be more fun as a large group of random people who barely know each other.

Talk to the groom to find out who he definitely wants to invite. If he has a list a mile long, divide it into groups. Start with your “A” group (people he definitely wants there), and then as you get declines, invite people from the “B” group (people he’d enjoy seeing but whose absence won’t define his happiness).

Bottom Line

Invite up to 16 people, but aim to have a group of 8 to 10. If he simply has to invite all 46 of his closest friends, cross your fingers and pray to the party gods that only a third of them can make it.

(just looking for the list of bachelor party ideas? click here)

2 months ahead: Send invites, get responses

Invites can be as formal or informal as you want them to be. If you’re only inviting a few close friends, a simple group text or Facebook message can work just fine. If you’re inviting a dozen or more people, though, then sending real invitations (aka emails) can make it easier to keep track of who’s in and who’s out.

Here’s an outline for the bachelor party invite

When you send out an email, you want to do the following:

  • Introduce yourself and your fellow planners. This is especially important if you’re inviting people you’ve never met. Make sure to include contact info for whoever is the point person for questions.
  • Give invitees a rough cost estimate. This tells everyone how much they should budget for and makes it easier for them to decide whether or not the party is worth it to them. Include things like food, drinks, transportation, etc. Don’t include travel expenses.
  • Tell the invitees what you will be doing. By this point, you aren’t asking for suggestions. You’re telling everyone the plan. Include a rough itinerary (see sample below), but stress that the itinerary is subject to change based on how many people end up coming.
  • Give a timeline for responses. A week should be enough time for someone to commit or not. Keep in mind that some people (like the bride’s flaky younger brother) might not realize all the time and effort going into the party. Don’t be afraid to hound people for a response once the timeframe you’ve allotted has passed.
  • Ask for contact info. Ask everyone to respond back with contact info. Trust us. You’ll need this at some point during the party when one or more guests inevitably walk off from the group without telling anyone.
  • Have everyone download the payment app of your choice (PayPal, Venmo, etc.). This will make it at least a thousand times easier for everyone to split costs and ensure that you don’t get stuck footing the dinner bill for your friend’s weird cousin.
Bottom Line

Communicating with groups is always tricky. Spell everything out in the email so everyone can reference it later. Set a firm deadline for responses, and start hounding people once that date has come and gone.

 1–2 months ahead: Finalize the itinerary

You need a core group of planners to handle logistics, including making travel arrangements, booking reservations, and keeping everyone in line (to a point) during the festivities. One person should not do all the planning on his own, but you also don’t need 15 opinions getting thrown out. So, get with your fellow bachelor party planners (we like to call it the bachelor party planning committee, or BPPC), and come up with an itinerary of Denver bachelor party ideas that will delight the groom without defying the limits of time and space.

Some things to keep in mind as you plan your itinerary:

  • Don’t over plan. We know you want to do everything, especially if you’re traveling for the party, but you don’t want to exhaust everyone. A bachelor party isn’t a vacation. It’s a time for your buddy to hang out with his pals and make memories. And drink. Definitely drink. Pick one or two things you definitely want to do, and leave time for general hangs the rest of the time. Trust us. Nobody will get bored.
  • Pick things the groom wouldn’t normally do. This is especially true if you’re traveling for the bachelor party. You can drink cheap beer and play pool anywhere. Think about things the bachelor loves, along with things he’d love to try, when choosing activities for the weekend.
  • Keep costs in mind. You’re probably expecting everyone to pitch in to pay for the bachelor’s entertainment, as you should. But not everyone can afford a plane ticket, a hotel, a steak dinner, a night at the strip club with expensive drinks, a limo, etc. You get what we mean. Don’t be stingy, but don’t go all out either.
  • Keep some events optional. The perfect bachelor party has one or two events everyone will attend and then several other options for people to choose from. This makes it easy for people to show up for only part of the time and for them to budget if necessary.
  • Book a house instead of a hotel. It’s easy to book a whole house, as long as you give yourself enough time to reserve it, and as long as it has a generous cancellation policy in case people bail last minute. A house makes it easier for everyone to hang out together and cuts down on challenges like going out to eat or finding a bar where you can all fit.
Bottom Line

Choose one activity a day the groom will love to do with the group, like a private group brewery tour. Leave the rest of the time relatively free. Booking a house makes it easier for organic hangs and can be a more cost-effective option than a hotel.

Be the Best Best Man Ever.

Book the brewery tour that everyone will love.

Our awesome brewery tour guides show you the city and the best beer spots, so you can relax and hang with your friends.

Your Itinerary for an Extended Weekend Bachelor Party

A weekend is plenty of time for a bachelor party. Heck, even just one night of debauchery can be enough. If you’re making the trip to Denver, though, we highly recommend giving yourself and your guests at least a few days to appreciate all that the city has to offer.

Note that most people won’t show up on Thursday. You can invite everyone if you want, but expect only your core group to show up. Thursday’s sort of the “work day” for things like checking in, stocking the fridge, chilling drinks, etc. That being said, if you don’t want to invite anyone else on Thursday, don’t feel like you have to. It can just be a night for the groom and the BPPC to catch up and hang out before everyone else arrives.  Or, if you’re the last minute type, you can use this time to go over the list of Denver bachelor party ideas to plan for the rest of the weekend. (But don’t be that guy.  Plan ahead.)

Bottom Line

Keep Thursday chill. Have some drinks, but don’t get plastered. You want the bachelor to be in decent shape going into Friday when the rest of his friends show up.

Thursday: Groom and closest friends arrive

3–5: BPPC (that’s the Bachelor Party Planning Committee, in case you missed it) meets at the house; picks up essentials for the weekend

  • Get some beer, wine, and spirits along with mixers and non-alcoholic drinks so you have options
  • Pick up food that’s good for late night snacking (especially if you have rented a house with a kitchen)
  • Pick up things that are easy to eat for breakfast and snacks to minimize how many times you have to try to fit a large group into a restaurant

5–7: Pats on the back for pulling this off and celebratory cocktails

8:00: Dinner at a cool restaurant that would be hard to get into with a large group

  • Make a reservation for a more upscale restaurant than you would go to with a large group. This is a chance for the groom and his best buds to connect before the madness of the weekend sets in.

10–12: Drinks out on the town (but not too many)

  • This is also a good time to just get out and explore. Find places you want to come back to over the course of the weekend.

 Friday: Everyone else arrives

10–4: Small group event that the bachelor will love

4:00: Back to home base to greet everyone else as they arrive.

  • Drink some beers, have some snacks, etc.

8:00: Dinner reservations

  • You’re looking for a place where you can have fun, roast the groom, not annoy the crap out of other diners, and get amazing food. And hopefully, you don’t have to pay a room fee or minimum.

After dinner: Bar crawls, strip clubs, debauchery.

Saturday: Schedule main activity here

10:00: Get food.

  • Do: Get things that can be delivered, things that are fast. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can get things that can get thrown in the microwave or oven on Thursday when you’re prepping the house.
  • Don’t: Just. Don’t. It’ll be way more of a headache than it’s worth.

12:00: Activity for the day (with alternatives for those who want to opt out). We have it on good authority that Denver Microbrew Tour’s LoDo Craft Beer Tour is one activity that’s sure to make everyone happy.

7:00: Casual dinner, at home or at an easy spot where you don’t need reservations

10:00: Similar to last night, but in a new spot. This is the last night out, so let the bachelor go a little nuts.

Sunday: Get home!

Sunday is going to be rough, let’s be honest. Make sure at least a few people will be sticking around long enough to clean up the place before you check out so you don’t get charged fees for trashing it.

10 am: Quick food, clean up, check out. Have everyone pay up  (if they haven’t already) before they leave. This is especially important for people who aren’t coming to the wedding and/or who you don’t expect to see anytime in the near future. Tell everyone thanks for coming, and we’ll see you all at the wedding!

Ready to plan an epic bachelor party? See how we can help by contacting us.

32 Ideas for a Bachelor Party in Denver,
sorted by type of dude. 

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Guy with a Beard

Your lumberjack wannabe bachelor friend deserves only the manliest type of bachelor party, complete with opportunities for male bonding and, of course, the best food and drinks that Denver has to offer. Here are some ideas for places to try if you bachelor has a beard and wants to have a good time:

1. Explore Denver’s Craft Breweries: LoDo Craft Beer Tour

Why hang out at just one or two breweries all day when you can spend time at all the best breweries in Denver, while also learning interesting facts about beer, beer making, and Denver? The LoDo Craft Beer Tour is a walking tour that will take you and your pals on a 1.5 mile casual stroll through the historic LoDo district of Denver. You’ll stop at the four best beer stops along the way, sampling over 10 beers over the course of the tour. Learn scandalous historical tidbits from your friendly (and funny) tour guide as you stumble walk fully upright on this two hour tour.

2. Throw Axes at Bad Axe Throwing

Get into some spirited competition with the bachelor while also testing each other’s manliness. Axe throwing is a great way to do some good old-fashioned male bonding and combines everything guys love: competition, sharp objects, beer, and throwing things. Groups of six or more can book a three-hour private session.

3. Whiskey Tasting at Stranahans

Take some time off from sampling the best beer in the country by going to Stranahans for some whiskey. Book a distillery tour, or just stop in for a round on your way through downtown Denver.

4. Smoke good cigars at Churchill Bar

Churchill Bar, located in the Brown Palace, has over 60 cigars to choose from. Their impressive humidor will wow even the nonsmokers in your group. Enjoy your cigars with a cocktail or on their own. The bar is open daily from 2:00pm – 11:00pm, so you can easily stop in here at some point during your bachelor weekend.

5. Weed Tour at Colorado Cannabis Tours

Whether the bachelor is a cannabis connoisseur or just interested in learning more about the production of it, he’ll appreciate the tours offered by Colorado Cannabis Tours. Options include a grow house tour, a glass blowing demo, and a Denver to Mountains tour. Ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about the business of cannabis, this is one bonding experience you’ll never forget.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Competitor

If your bachelor is the type who turns everything into a competition, then Denver has some great places for him to let his competitive side out. Just don’t be a jerk when you get out there and play—let him win most of the time, deal?

6. Play archery dodgeball at Archery Games

What happens when you combine archery with dodgeball? You end up with a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping 75-minute showdown. Get your own private game going for $450 (up to 20 players). The perfect warm up to a night of bar hopping.

7. Race go-karts at Unser

If your bachelor has always wanted to play Mario Kart in real life, get him out on the race track at Unser. Featuring indoor and outdoor tracks (including a rooftop track), this activity is great no matter what time of year the bachelor party is. Just make sure to go before you start drinking to keep everyone safe.

8. Shoot each other playing paintball

Paintball is a tried and true classic, and Denver has options if you’re looking for a way to shoot the bachelor with paint and get away with it.  Our absolute favorite place to play is Blitz Paintball. Why?  It’s recognized nationwide as a top regional facility, and was recently voted a top 10 most extreme paintball field in the world!  They even have specials specifically created for bachelor parties.

Want to shoot the groom 3 different ways?  American Paintball Coliseum has paintball along with laser tag, airsoft, and VR, so you can do a little bit of everything in one spot.

9. Play giant lawn games at Bierstadt

Drink great beer and challenge each other to fun, giant lawn games at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in RiNo. Bierstadt Lager is conveniently the meeting spot for one of the best beer tours in Denver. Have some fun playing lawn games and getting a bite to eat while you wait for your RiNo beer and graffiti tour to start.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Nerd

There’s plenty in Denver for nerdy bachelors who prefer to spend their male bonding time indoors.

10. Relive the best of the 80s & 90s arcades at The 1-up

Both locations (in Colfax and LoDo) have an incredible selection of old school games (the LoDo location has over 45 of them), including skeeball, pinball, and giant Jenga. With a full bar and a dozen or more beers on tap, your bachelor will feel like a kid again—but with beer.

11. Set up a LAN Party

For the ultimate nerdy bachelor and his nerdy friends, a LAN party is relatively easy to set up, especially if you’ve rented a large space like a house. Have everyone bring their computer so you can all play multiplayer games. Make sure the fridge is well-stocked with food and beer ahead of time, or, schedule breaks so your bachelor has some time to get out and see at least some of what Denver has to offer.

12. Try to Escape the Puzzle Room at Escapology

Escapology is Denver’s only escape room that also has a gourmet restaurant, complete with a full bar. Stop in to complete an escape room or two, or book their meeting space for a fully catered event. You’ll be hooked once you get started.

13. Make it a Game Night at Game Train USA

For only $7 each, you and your party can have access to a library of 500+ board games at Game Train USA. This board game bar also features appetizers, beer, and cocktails. This is a really fun way to spend the day (or night) with your nerdy bachelor.

14. Take a Historic Walking Tour (with beer)

Your nerdy friend will love learning about some of the more scandalous events in Denver’s history on the LoDo craft beer tour. This 2.5 hour walking tour will take you to some of the best breweries in town. Along the way, you tour guide will fill you in on some unusual and interesting historical facts. Get your nerd on while you drink beer. It’s genius.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Outdoorsman

Denver has no shortage of ways for your bachelor party to get outside and enjoy the views. Depending on just how much you want to pack into your bachelor party, you might want to extend the trip to longer than just a weekend.

15. Go Hiking

There are a lot of places to hike in and around Denver (and we don’t mean just hikes from brewery to brewery). We’re in the Rockies, after all, so you might as well spend some time seeing what all the talk about the mile-high city is all about. The great thing about Denver’s location is that you don’t need to go very far to get to great hiking locations.

Here are some of our favorite hiking options, depending on how far outside of Denver you feel like driving to get into nature. We recommend hiking before you get too far into beers and cocktails, since the elevation change can be a challenge for anyone visiting Denver from another part of the country.

Hikes within 20 minutes of Denver

Red Rocks is one of the most well-known amphitheaters in the country. It also has a couple of options for hiking that are long enough to say you hiked at Red Rocks and short enough to get you back into town for happy hour and more bachelor party shenanigans, like your private Denver Microbrew tour.

Hikes within 30 minutes of Denver

Travel just a little further outside the city for some longer trails. Check out Mount Falcon Park, especially if you’re looking for a steep challenge—the Castle Trail has a 2,000-foot elevation gain but is worth it for the views. Lair O’ the Bear Park is another hiking spot about 30 minutes from Denver. It has options for short trails or long (up to 12.6 miles). It also has spots for fishing and picnic tables for snacking before or after your hike.

Hikes within 60 minutes of Denver

Once you get 60 minutes outside of Denver, your options for hiking open up and include some more long and challenging hikes than what you’ll find close to the city. There are also some shorter hikes, if your crew includes both fit and not-so-fit attendees. If you’re up to an incline challenge, check out the amazing views from Devil’s Head Lookout Tower (the last standing front range lookout towers that’s still in service).

Other places to hike an hour outside of Denver include Echo Lake (with several trails and, of course, a lake), Golden Gate Canyon Park, and Berthoud Falls.

16. Go Whitewater Rafting

The Rockies have some of the best whitewater rafting that you’ll find anywhere. If your bachelor is into thrilling outdoor adventures, make sure to plan a full day for whitewater rafting. Rafting tours generally run May through Labor Day, so keep those dates in mind as you start planning your party. Make sure to book early—this is one bachelor party activity that can’t be thrown together at the last minute.

17. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

If your bachelor party is taking place during the winter months, you need to check out some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. If your bachelor has never been before, sign up for lessons and rent equipment from the ski lodge.

Loveland Ski Area is among the closest places to ski and snowboard (just 53 miles from Denver), so you can easily work skiing and/or snowboarding into your weekend and still make time to hang out closer to downtown Denver. And if you’re planning ahead, it can be the best bang for your buck.  In the fall, they offer a 4-pack for just $269 ($67 per person, compared to $149 at the ticket window).  In contrast to other season passes and multi-packs, these are fully transferable tickets you can share with your friends and have no blackout dates!  There’s also no limit to the number of 4 packs you can buy, so you can easily get a ticket for everyone in the bachelor party.

If you’re planning to ski more than 1-2 days, or you want to explore multiple mountains, you may want to consider getting a season pass.  If that’s the case, then you should definitely plan on buying your pass early in the season.  In Colorado, you have two major choices of ski passes: the Epic Pass (which includes Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek, Crested Butte, and others) or the Ikon Pass (which includes Winter Park, Copper, Arapahoe Basin, Steamboat and others).  Most of these passes pay for themselves in 2-3 days of skiing!

18. Push Him Out of a Plane: Skydiving

Fewer things get out pre-wedding jitters like jumping out of a plane with your best friends. Take your bachelor on an experience he won’t be able to forget with a skydiving trip. Mile-Hi Skydiving Center is only 35 miles from Denver and does hundreds of jumps everyday.

If the weather isn’t cooperating (or your bachelor wants some thrill but not the full experience of jumping or being pushed out of a plane), check out iFly indoor skydiving in Denver.

19. Take an Outdoor Walking Tour of Denver

The best way to learn about a city is to walk around it. If your bachelor likes getting outside instead of sitting in a cab to go from bar-to-bar, you should sign up for a private walking tour to see the best breweries in town while you learn some history of beer making and of the city of Denver itself.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Hipster

There’s no shortage of things for hipsters to do in Denver. Whether your bachelor party is in the summer or winter, your hipster bachelor is bound to have fun doing any of these activities.

20. Peruse the Farmers Market at Union Station

The farmers market at Union Station runs from June through September and features vendors, live music, and chef demonstrations. The best part of all, for a bachelor party, is that it isn’t the type of farmers market that you have to get to at dawn. Hours are Saturdays from 9 am through 1 pm, so you can leisurely wake up and get moving before making your way over.

21. Feel Better About Yourself by Dining at a Vegan Restaurant

If your bachelor is vegan, he’ll love stopping into one of Denver’s many vegan options. One of our favorites is City O’ City, which has vegan and vegetarian options. Their menu is so delicious, you’ll want to try it even if you are a full-hearted meat eater. Try them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night eats (and drinks).

22. Add to His Vinyl Collection at a Record Shop

Record shops are making a big comeback across the country, and Denver is no different. Take your hipster bachelor to Twist and Shout Records so he can peruse their selection of records. They also buy records and do appraisals and frequently have live music, so make sure to check their Events Page before you go.

23. Check out a Local Coffee Roaster

No hipster is really a hipster if he doesn’t prefer specialty coffee roasters to whatever it is the rest of us drink. Stop into Novo Coffee as you make your way through the morning on Saturday or Sunday. If you and your bachelor are in town on Fridays, check out their cupping and tour, every Friday afternoon at 1 pm.

24. Rent a Bike

It’s easy to rent a bike and keep the Earth clean in Denver. Denver Bicycle has options for you to sign up for rentals that include rides for 0–30 minutes. You have to dock your bike after 30 minutes to avoid being charged extra, but this can be a fun way to get around town for the weekend without paying cab fare.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Sophisticate

If your bachelor enjoys the finer things in life, there’s plenty to find in Denver, whether he’s into getting time on the golf course, or feeling like a celebrity in an exclusive speakeasy.

25. Go Golfing

There’s no shortage of golf courses in Denver. Denver Golf has options for all experience levels, including mini golf, and several golf courses even have night golf available during the summer months. Wearing glow sticks while golfing might not sound sophisticated, but it’s definitely a good time.

And if you’re looking for something more approachable for the whole group, Topgolf has multiple Denver area locations.

26. Go Underground at a Speakeasy

There’s just something about a hidden bar that somehow makes it seem classier once you get in. If your bachelor likes to be in-the-know on everything related to nightlife, he’ll love it if you take him to one of Denver’s speakeasies. It feels a little like cheating to let you in on their locations, so we’ll just highly recommend that you spend some time investigating the freezer door at Frozen Matter, the lobby of the Oxford Hotel (past the Urban Farmer), and behind the desk in the back of the Millers & Rossi art gallery.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Music Lover

Denver is a prime spot for any music lover, with concerts from artists big and small going on all year long. Make sure to get tickets ahead of time for concerts, since they can sell out fast, especially if you’re getting ticket for a large group.

27. Check out all Show Listings in Westword

The best place to see what music events are coming to Denver is to check out Westword’s music listings. You can sign up to be on their email list to get notified as new shows are added. This can be especially helpful if you’re still in the early stages of planning your friend’s bachelor party.

28. Take a Short Drive to Red Rocks (duh)

Red Rocks amphitheater is one of the most famous amphitheaters in the country, so your music-loving bachelor has undoubtedly heard about it. And it’s no wonder. With the amazing backdrop of the natural red rocks behind it, artists have come from all over the world to play here. It’s best to see a concert by an artist or band that the bachelor loves, but, to be honest, if he’s a music lover he’ll probably just love being there. Red Rocks is less than a half hour drive from Denver, so it’s easy to get there and back during your Denver weekend.

29. See an Outdoor Concert at Fiddlers Green

Less well-known than Red Rocks, Fiddlers Green is an amphitheater that still brings big names from all over. Red Rocks will probably be more memorable, but Fiddlers Green is a decent second choice to see live music (or a good choice if there’s a band playing that your bachelor will really want to see).

30. Get a More Intimate Experience at a Smaller Music Venue

If a huge concert isn’t really your bachelor’s thing, or will just take up too much time on your bachelor weekend, then there are plenty of smaller venues where you and the crew can take in live music and still spend time hanging out with each other. Small venues can be a great way to see new talent and get introduced to bands you’ve never heard of before, so your bachelor might actually prefer one of these options to a concert at an amphitheater.

Some of our favorite smaller venues for live local and nationally-recognized music are:

Bluebird Theatre

Originally built in 1913, Bluebird Theatre is a respectably sized theatre and frequently brings in contemporary music acts. Tickets run as low as $20, making this a budget-friendly place to see some live music.

Ogden Theatre

Another small venue with a full calendar, Ogden Theatre has events going on almost every weekend. It originally opened in 1918, and so is celebrating 100 years as a theatre.

Gothic Theatre

This former movie theatre now hosts local and nationally-recognized musicians and bands.

31. Get Familiar With the Local Music Scene

If your bachelor is more interested in getting to know more about Denver’s local music scene than seeing a nationally-recognized band, take him to an ultra-small music venue, like Hi-Dive or Lion’s Lair.

32. Take in Some Jazz

Whether or not your bachelor frequents jazz bars on the reg, if he’s into music, he’ll love going to one of Denver’s best jazz bars, even if you just stop in for a drink or two. Some of our recommendations are:


Dazzle has live jazz music, as well as brunch and dinner options. They also have a record shop with over 3,000 curated jazz records. If your bachelor loves jazz, you have to bring him to Dazzle.

Best Bachelor Party Restaurants for your Friday Dinner

We recommend having a nice dinner on Friday, when it’s just the bachelor and the bachelor party planning committee. This dinner should be in a place that has great food and is good for smaller groups. Here are a few of our favorite spots that fit the bill (and that are all convenient stops on the Denver Microbrew Tour, if you want to visit them along with the rest of your group and a knowledgeable tour guide on Saturday):

Rock Bottom downtown Denver

With a great selection of food and craft beer on tap, Rock Bottom has something for everyone. Their brewers are professionals and take the craft of making beer extremely seriously. Your bartender can make sure everyone in your party has a beer that’s perfectly crafted to their tastes. Book a table online, or schedule a reservation for your group ahead of time.


Wynkoop has a unique atmosphere, as it’s housed in an old warehouse from the 1800s. It has great food and beer, along with Denver’s largest pool hall if you want to do more than just sit around and eat on Friday.

Bierdstadt Lagerhaus

Bierdstadt so it’s a great place to go if your Friday party includes both beer drinkers and cider drinkers. You get the feeling of sitting right in the middle of the beer and cider production process, which makes for a dining experience unlike any other.

Best Bachelor party Restaurant for your Saturday Casual Dinner

As we suggest in our bachelor party planning guide, Saturday’s dinner should be a little more casual and take place somewhere that can accommodate a larger party than where you ate on Friday. Here are some places in Denver to try for your Saturday dinner:


With multiple options for food and drinks, Avanti is a great choice for large groups, including bachelor parties. You’ll find a wide variety of food options, including American fare, French cuisine, Mexican tacos, authentic pizza, Venezuelan arepas, and Churrasco-style rotisserie. They also have a rooftop bar that features beer, wine, and specialty cocktails.


Linger has options for lunch, dinner, and brunch, so it can fit into your weekend schedule anywhere if it doesn’t make sense on Saturday. It also features a rooftop bar, if you want to grab a drink before or after dinner. Their dinner menu features plates from around the world, including Asia, Africa, America, India, and the Middle East. With so much variety, you’re sure to find something that everybody likes.

Work and Class

Get Latin food without a reservation at Work and Class. You can eat there, or you can take your food to go (which could work for your group, depending on what else you have planned Saturday night). They don’t seat groups larger than 7, so plan accordingly.

The Source

The Source hotel and market hall in RiNo has a selection of dining choices for your group, which can make it easier to find something everyone likes. When you’re done eating, head up to the rooftop bar for drinks with a view.

Central Market

This vast food hall serves until 10:00 pm. Central Market is a great place to go with a group if you’re looking for a relatively quick stop for dinner, with excellent local foods and drinks.

Okay, and the Strip Clubs

We saved this one for last since going to strip clubs aren’t the main thing most bachelor parties like to do anymore. But, they are a classic choice for bachelor parties, so if your bachelor really wants to go to one, make sure you take him to one of these places.

Shotgun Willies

With options like bottle service and a separate cigar-smoking lounge, Shotgun Willies is a higher end strip club that will provide entertainment for everyone, even people in your party who aren’t really the strip club types. They have options for bachelor parties if you want to schedule an event and make sure the bachelor has an unforgettable time.

La Boheme

La Boheme is less strip club and more burlesque art, featuring 40s style pin-up fashions and performances. This is a more entertaining venue than a traditional strip club if you want to take the bachelor somewhere that’s a little more risque than a traditional bar but that won’t get him in too much hot water with his fiancee.

Diamond Cabaret

It’s pretty cheap to get into Diamond Cabaret, and they have an after-hours bar that stays open until 4 am. This is a decent place to go if you don’t want to end the party at 2 (and don’t want to pay a fortune on cover to get in).

Other Bachelor Party Resources for Planning and Ideas

Thirst Colorado

Thirst Colorado is an excellent resource for additional guides to Colorado’s entire beer scene, plus some spirits, cannabis, and wineries, and a TON of cool things to do outside  Take a look here to review any upcoming festivals or uber-unique things to do.  The website is great, but if you see one of their magazines in a local small business, definitely pick one up (they’re usually free).


Westword is Denver’s top free local paper – and the definitive guide to Denver concerts and major events, as well as all kinds of local coverage.  They also have a good “Best of Denver” section that could be helpful, and the print version (free) includes lots of coupons for local businesses, and a helpful concert calendar for all the best venues.


5280 is a monthly Denver magazine, and a slightly fancier version of the two above, with a stronger focus on local news and stories about arts and culture in the Denver area.  Also hosts the top restaurant listings, updated annually.

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