Denver Bachelorette Parties with Beer

30+ Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas, with Planning Guide

The before-wedding bachelorette party is a right of passage. It’s the last fling before a bride-to-be slips on the ring, and there’s no place quite like Denver to boogie down before you put on the wedding gown. With over 140 breweries, thousands of restaurants, a booming nightlife, and legalized marijuana Denver, Colorado is one of the biggest bachelorette hotspots on the planet. For the bridesmaid or MOH in charge of the big night, choosing a location for your Denver bachelorette party can be stressful. Denver is jam-packed with bachelorette party locations, and trying to whittle the list down takes some work. Don’t worry! We did the bulk of the work for you. This easy-to-navigate list of the best Denver bachelorette party ideas is your go-to guide to navigating Denver’s scene.

We broke the list down into sections to fit every bachelorette planner’s dreams. Are you an outdoorsy type? Do you want to have a little fun in Denver’s nightlife scene? Are you looking to keep things interesting with an in-depth brewery tour? This list has options for every style of party.

We’ve also included a handy-dandy how-to guide to help you pin down the finer details. Here’s everything you need to know about planning the perfect Denver bachelorette party.

How to Plan a Denver Bachelorette Party

While the bride gets the bulk of the planning attention during the wedding period, being the bridesmaid or MOH responsible for setting up the bachelorette party isn’t always a walk-in-the-park (…unless your party involves a walk in the park). If you’re stressed out during the planning period, we’ve got your back! Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to help you throw the ultimate bachelorette party.

3 Months Before the Party: Pre-Planning Phase

You want to start thinking about the theme, guests, and dates for the party at least three months before it’s time to throw the party. Obviously, the sooner-the-better, but you don’t always have the luxury of time as a MOH/bridesmaid. Starting picking your brain and thinking about where and when the bride will want their party. Don’t be afraid to get with the girls over a coffee and really drill down the details on this one.

We’ll warn you. This part can end up a little… crazy. You may find out that your ever-so-shy BFF secretly craves a night of drinking and swearing. Or, you may discover that one of your friends doesn’t like to eat in public. We’ll give a big, fat piece of advice on this. Try to plan with as few people as possible. Nailing the details with a few of your closest girls over a piping hot cup o’ joe is easy. But once you reach committee levels, planning your party can quickly turn into nightmare fuel.

You want to figure out:

  • Who is coming to the party?
  • When will the party be?
  • Where will you go (hint: we have it on good authority that a private group brewery tour an amazing option)?
  • Are matching outfits required?
  • Is it a surprise party or not?
  • Who is paying for it?

Who’s Invited?

Friends of the Bride
Yes, the Bride-To-Be has tons of friends! But to have the most fun, we recommend limiting the bachelorette party to 10-15 of the best and closest.

Probably the most stressful task is figuring out who’s invited and who’s not. You don’t want to burn any bridges at this stage. It’s definitely best to ask the bride her must-have and must-not-haves. If it’s a surprise party, you’ll want to gather the girls and talk shop. Not getting invited to the bachelorette party can be heartbreaking, so you may need to plan a formal dinner to offset some of the grief. You can invite the larger group to the dinner and save the must-haves for the party.

We heavily recommend keeping the guest list at around 16 people. Note: smaller is totally fine. But if you get too many participants, the night can become way too hectic, and you’ll have to keep a heavy eye on the whole group. One rotten apple spoils the… you get the point.

When Will the Party Be?

You don’t want the date to fall on days where anyone is working, and you want to avoid obvious no-nos like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This is an area where you will almost have to get everyone involved at some level. You need to make sure that everyone has a free day on the day of your party.

We recommend planning the date around a month before the wedding. While it may be oh-so-traditional to have the party the night before the big day, beer and wine + wedding stress don’t mix well (trust us on this one). The last thing you want is to stand in the bright, blaring wedding lights half hungover, ill-prepared, and trying to remember if you left your chapstick in a male stripper’s g-string or on the floor of a brewery last night. You’ll end up looking like Nick Nolte in your wedding photos. That’s definitely NOT a good look.

Where Will You Go?

Great question! If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably picking Denver (a.k.a. the bachelorette capital of the world). If you don’t live in Denver, you need to make sure that everyone can travel to the bachelorette party. You may have to remove some players from the list if they’re unwilling to relocate for a little R&R. Don’t be scared to incorporate a little travel into the schedule — just make sure that everyone is informed early and you give you and the girls enough time to make it out and back without disrupting any plans.

There are a bajillion places in Denver to have a great bachelorette party (see the list below for the cream of the crop options). Of course, drinks are probably priority numero uno. But there are plenty of things to do before the night turns into a debauchery fest of great memories and stress-free insanity.

The Nitty-Gritty Deets

This is the biggest section. Bachelorette parties involve a ton of small details. Are you bringing a camera, or are you planning on letting everyone phone selfy and Instagram their way through the night (you def want pics!)? Do you know what chic hotel (if you’re traveling) you’re all staying at? Are there Magic-Mike-like strippers involved in the shenanigans? Will you be giving post-bachelorette party gifts?

You want to think of every little tiny detail before you pull the trigger on your Denver bachelorette party extravaganza. The last thing you want is to have that “oh yeah…” moment in the middle of the party.

Who is Paying for It?

You’ll also need to figure out the toughest question. Who is paying for it? Are all the bridesmaids pitching in? Or is the MOH responsible for shelling out the dough? Having everyone pitch in is the traditional way to go about setting up the party. But make sure that you budget accurately. The last thing you want is drama over the bill. Fire up your Venmo/PayPal account to keep things simple. Cash can get messy.

Here are some tips that can help you nail the budget:

  • The bride doesn’t pay! Your girl is the guest-of-honor. She shouldn’t have to put forward any money. Let’s be honest. She’s probably got a hefty wedding bill to deal with already.
  • Create shared expenses. Start by taking all of the big things (e.g., the Airbnb rental, main event, car rentals, etc.) and pooling them together. Then, divide the bill among everyone. Again, use Venmo or PayPal to get collect the cash.
  • Have everyone pay for their own small ticket items. When it comes to the small stuff (e.g., cocktails, food, etc.), it’s often easiest to let everyone pay for their own. For starters, this lets everyone have tighter control over their own budgets. If one of the girls is struggling a little, she can order cheap and drink cheap. If one girl is straight-up ballin’, she can make it rain.
  • Always investigate costs. You’re responsible for keeping the budget sane. Shop around for deals and try to nail down a figure that everyone is comfortable with.

2 Months Ahead: Send Out the Invites & Delegate Responsibilities

Light bulb with circles around it.  Share your ideas and get help from others
Share your ideas and get help from other close friends of the bride.

After the hair-pulling month of figuring out everyone’s schedules and picking that oh-so-perfect bachelorette hotspot, it’s time to start creating some invitations. Since the bachelorette party is an extension of the wedding, you want to make sure that your invitations are thematic, topical, and shockingly beautiful. Luckily, the bachelorette party is laxer than the wedding, so you can get playful with the wording. There is no pitch-perfect bachelorette etiquette. If you’re about to throw some wads of cash at those Magic Mike strippers, you can be a little naughty with the wording in the invitation. If you’re planning on getting a little tipsy on the town with an all-night brewery tour, you can make a few drinking jokes. It’s all about having a little fun.

Use our Bachelorette Party Invite Outline

Here is a typical bachelorette party invite outline, but you shouldn’t be afraid to break-the-rules in the name of the party gods.

The bare minimum:
  • Start with the bride: You have to start the invitation off by introducing the bride. For starters, she’s the star of the bach-bash. But it will also help everyone know exactly which bachelorette party they’re looking at. During “wedding season” (which seems to be year-round at this point), your bridesmaid friends may have a packed schedule. The last thing you want is the right person showing up for the wrong party.
  • Introduce yourself: You also need to make sure that everyone has your information. You’re going to be the contact point. If there are other important bridesmaids that are part of the process, you should introduce them as well.
  • Mention the date & time: Make sure you include the date and time of the party. Of course, you should also include a time when most people should show up. If you’re making the party a weekend-long affair (which we highly recommend), give the time when everyone should meet up at the hotel.
  • Set the location: Your location is going to be Denver. But you need to give everyone the location of all of the stops on the party schedule. Are you planning on going camping and then hitting up a brewery tour? If so, give the location of both the campsite and the tour meeting spot.
For the pro planners:
  • Give a cost estimate: You don’t have to give a cost estimate for the bachelorette party. In fact, it’s not a common part of most invitations. But you’re not throwing most parties. You’re throwing the best Denver bachelorette party…. ever. And the last thing you want is after-party bitterness or financial struggles due to the cost of transport/activities. Give a good guestimate on how much each invitee can expect to spend on your outing. Trust us; they’ll thank you for it.
  • Play up the theme: Try to keep the language and visuals of the invitation centered around your theme. Are you planning on booking a microbrewery tour around RiNo? Play that up! Make some drinking jokes and throw a few pictures of beer on the invitation. Have fun with it!
  • Ask for payments: If you’re splitting the bill, it might be a good idea to have everyone download a payment app (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, etc.) and give them your user info. This can make splitting payments much easier than cash.

1–2 months ahead: Finalize the itinerary

Plan the party with our 31 Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas
Time to get to planning…

Before we continue, repeat after us: I cannot please everyone. Seriously! Don’t try to win every single bridesmaid over. It’s not possible. Focus on the bride first and the bridesmaids second.  If the bride loves strippers, but one of the girls is too old fashioned, explain to her that it’s not all about her. This is about the bride. Try to accommodate everyone, but also stick to your guns and make sure that the party is fun. Here’s the thing. Once you and the girls get a few beers down, the rest of the details aren’t going to matter. You’ll have a great time. You may not have the best morning… but you’ll definitely have a fun night.

When it comes to the itinerary, give yourself options. Don’t just pick a single place. You’ll definitely want to pick up the drinks at some point. But you have time. See a few sights, grab a few photos, and have a little fun first. You can book a brewery tour first and then continue at the bar later. You don’t have to plan this part solo. Hit up your trusted advisors (a.k.a. the other girls) and start bouncing some ideas around. Definitely check out the list below for some serious inspiration, and don’t be afraid to have a two-day party to include all of the things you want. Your BFF only gets married once! Well… you know… hopefully.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your itinerary.
  • Take it easy during the planning phase: Shed your Type A personality when you approach the itinerary. You don’t have to plan for every single second of the day. Take it easy. Put away the color-coded tabs and planners. You want to have a list of to-dos and a general timeframe, but you also want to keep things relaxed. This day (or weekend) is all about having fun and creating memories — not following a schedule.
  • Remember that money exists: Try not to book too many expensive activities. Chances are, at least one of the girls you invite is going to be a little hard-up for cash (even if they seem locked-and-loaded). They may not be able to afford cocktails, a hotel room, a spa day, a car rental, etc. Everyone should (ideally) pitch in for the party. So you can definitely flex your money muscles a little. Just don’t take it too far.
  • Get a little daring: Strippers and drinks are a tradition. Those awkward, g-string moments where you’re shoving a cocktail in your face with one hand and slapping man buns with the other isn’t exactly PG13. But that’s ok! Think about things you normally wouldn’t do. You’re supposed to go a little crazy during the bachelorette party. It’s your bride-to-be’s last moments of freedom before the weight of marriage crushes their soul… err… the amazing sanctity of marriage makes them joyful for life.

An Example Itinerary for a Denver Bachelorette Party Weekend

You can have a killer bachelorette party in a single night. But most parties span the weekend. This lets you pack a little more punch into your party, and it gives everyone a day of relaxation post-binge to cool off before they stoneface their husbands and kids. We highly recommend starting the weekend on a Thursday. Why? Because it gives you a little more time to make sure that everything is pitch-perfect for the weekend. You’ll want to stock your hotel (or Airbnb pad) fridge, put out the party decorations, and catch up with the bride.

Friday: Take it Easy

This is the relaxed evening where everyone shows up. Try to keep things low-key while still having a little fun. These are your pure bonding moments, and it also serves as a good time to catch up with some of the girls you may not know well or that you haven’t seen in a while.

  • Take a walk around Denver’s cultural districts or a quick hike.
  • Have a relaxed night on the town. Book a RiNo graffiti brewery tour, drink a little, and learn a little about the city.
  • Eat out at a semi-nice restaurant that’s super cas’ (think pizza, gyros, or even a home-cooked meal at the Airbnb spot.)
  • Go to sleep early! You’ll need your energy. Tomorrow gets a little crazy.

Saturday: Partyyy time

The time is upon you. It’s the official bachelorette party date. All of your planning, hard work, and attention to detail come down to this moment. Make it last.

  • Wake up, get ready, and meet all of the girls at a coffee shop for some joe and (of course!) pastries.
  • Do any energetic plans now! If you’re planning on taking a hike, jog, run, yoga class, axe throwing class, or anything like that, do it semi-early.
  • Go back to the room, shower up, and get re-ready.
  • Have a nice dinner! We’re talking fancy napkins and overpriced wine.
  • Go crazy. Grab drinks. Take that LoDo brewery tour. Throw wads of singles at a stripper. Make sure that you base your energy levels on the bride. If she wants to get crazier, do it! If not, dial it back a little.
  • Call an Uber! Get home safe! This is super important. You should have your Uber app pre-ready. Don’t make a dumb mistake. Bachelorette parties get crazy. You need to stay safe and make wise decisions.

Sunday: Get Up and Brunch

  • Wake up late (duh!) and pray that your head isn’t slapping you around.
  • Drink tons of water, go out for a hyper-carby brunch (yes! you have an excuse to eat pastries again!), and chug coffee like a beast.
  • Fit in any last-second must-do activities.
  • Say goodbye! Share all of the photos, and toast the bride one last time.

31 Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Bride With a Fun Streak

Does your favorite future wife have a party animal nested inside of her warm heart? Don’t be afraid to sit back, hold her cosmo, and let her get a little wild on her final night of freedom. Beyond the cardinal sin, everything goes at the bachelorette party — so feel free to let her loose on the poor, unsuspecting citizens of Denver. Here are some activities for that party girl in a white dress:

1. Explore Denver… With Drinks at the LoDo Craft Beer Tour

Beers and Beer Review on "LoDo Craft Beer Tour"  - Denver Brewery tours
Explore Denver with your crew on the LoDo Craft Beer Tour

Don’t get stressed out trying to plan an entire night of drinking for that party animal! Sometimes its best to let the experts take care of the finer details so you can stop to smell the rosé. Why should you settle for a few brews at a bar? Why not get a tour around the best breweries in LoDo and taste fresh-out the barrel beer? This 1.5-mile stroll through the historic LoDo district of Denver will give you the nitty-gritty on some of Denver’s more interesting (and naughty) bits of history. Plus, you’ll stop for over 10 beer samplings from some of the finest craft breweries that Denver has to offer.

2. Go Clubbing at Temple

If you’re looking for a place to spend a cosmo-fueled night of dancing, the Temple is your spot. With world-class DJs, enough LED lights to up-stage a NYC New Year’s bash, and a private art room with bottle service, the Temple is an event-filled club that’s sure to give you enough to talk about for the rest of the year. This is a club that has an ever-changing, chameleon-style atmosphere. One night may be dedicated to the latest-and-greatest underground hip hop artist, while another night may have a more relaxed and chill acoustic vibe. Be sure to check the event calendar before you mark it on your calendar.

3. Dance Like You Mean It

Beta Nightclub

Need to practice those wedding floor moves? You can dance if you want to! And you don’t have to leave your friends behind. Beta Nightclub is one of Denver’s largest clubs and home to Denver’s largest dancefloor. With a 72,000 watt sound system and world-famous DJs (e.g., Skrillex, Deadmau5, John Digweed, etc.), this is the ultimate place to let loose and groove. Rolling Stones even calls this spot “The Best Dance Club in America.”

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Aesthete

Art, music, love — what more could you want? If a night of nu-disco madness and cosmos isn’t in the bride-to-be’s DNA, consider relaxing the theme a little and incorporating some art and music spots that aren’t so… in your face. Here are some places in Denver that will satisfy those aesthetic cravings without too hardy of a party.

4. Enjoy Street Art With a Few Craft Beers With a RiNo Brewery and Graffiti Tour

Odell Brewing Company's RiNo Taproom
Show the bride-to-be around RiNo, Denver’s hottest new neighborhood with the RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour

While art may be at the top of your thematic agenda, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy yourself while you peek at culture, right? And there’s no better way to celebrate the bride-to-be than a few cold glasses of Denver’s finest craft brews. Our in-depth RiNo brewery tour will have you stopping at the hippest breweries in the art-dense RiNo district. You and the girls can check out some of the spectacular street graffiti as you sip down 10+ beers on a tour around the up-and-coming RiNo district. Explore the rich history and dig the sweet sprays of this art-deco district where breweries sit hidden in the back of massive old warehouse buildings. Art and beer… what’s better than that?

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Paint & Drink

Are you an artist-at-heart? Or do you want to giggle at you and your friends’ total lack of skill? The wacky, wonderful world of Sipping n’ Painting Highland will let you pick up the brush and a brew. You and the girls can sip down cocktails while you splatter paint across pitch white canvas. Want a pro tip? You can give the painting as a gift at the wedding. It will bring up memories of the amazing bachelorette party night. That’s a win-win!

6. Disappoint Your Grammy While You Stitch

Ordinarily, stitching may sound a little too… relaxed to be part of the bachelorette party culture. But what if you could drink cocktails and curse while you did it? Would that help? Every Sunday at Grandma’s House (an ever-so-chic, embroidery-filled brewery on historic Antique Row in Denver), they host Foul-Mouthed Cross-Stitch Sunday. You can drink, relax, and stitch some naughty words for your bride to live by.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Classy Bride

Is your bride a champaign maniac with an ever-so-particular taste in cuisine? For those maids of honor dealing with culture-craving brides, finding the right mixture of class and party can be nerve-wracking. Try out these tasteful (yet fun) Denver places:

7. Fine Dining at Fruition

Want a bachelorette party with a little class? Try some fine dining at Fruition. This intimate eatery takes comfort food and elevates it into best-in-class dishes. Do you like tater tots? Try the caviar, egg, and chive tater tots. Are you a fan of sweetbread? Fruition takes it to the next level by adding pickled celery and Füdmill pacific rolls. The menu is beautiful, the wine is superb, and the atmosphere is close-and-personal. What’s not to love?

8. Fine Drinking at Cooper Lounge

Cooper Lounge, above the Terminal Bar in Union Station
Cooper Lounge is just above the Terminal Lounge in Denver’s Union Station.

We’ve got fine dining nailed down. So how about fine drinking? Cooper Lounge offers some of the finest wines and cocktails in Denver. Plus, the location above the Terminal Bar inside of Denver’s newly rennovated Union Station gives you a great view from above to the hustle and bustle in the station below.

We heavily recommend the Table-Side Spanish Coffee, which comes with Smith & Cross Jamaican rum, Leonhart 151 rum, Marble Moonlight expresso, and Pierre Ferrand dry curacao. The wine list also carries some heavy-hitters, including a ’98 Dom Perignon. Of course, there are budget options. But this is a place where you can easily throw an upscale party for that special friend.

9. Check out the Denver Art Museum

Art museums are an oldie-but-a-goldie option for class-loving brides. Whether you’re looking for post-modern art that puts you in a hyper-minimalist mood or classic 18th-century British paintings where every person is wearing pure decadence, Denver’s incredible art museum has plenty to offer. The Denver collection is over 70,000 pieces — making it ideal for just about every taste. This is a great activity to squeeze in pre-party, and it’s sure to get those cultural juices flowing.

And if the bride is looking for something a little more funky, Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art is absolutely amazing and has one of the best rooftop bars in the city.

10. Time to Go Shopping!

Denver’s chic Cherry Creek neighborhood is bustling with high-end luxury shops and positioned right next to the hip Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Shops ranging from Burberry to Neiman Marcus and beyond are all stuffed into this area, and you’ll find custom clothing shops that have stood for over a century. Of course, there’s also jewelry, food, bathing products, and perfumes hidden in one of the +150 shops located around this shop-and-walk area. If your bride has a plastic card that looks like an expensive piece of jewelry, this is the place to take her.

11. Take a Private Brewery Tour

Our Mutual Friend Brewery in RiNo
Check out Our Mutual Friend Brewery in RiNo

Denver is home to over a hundred craft breweries. But why share the ticket with other guests? If your bride has upscale tastes, consider booking a private group tour to take you around to the best breweries (and microbreweries) in Denver. This is the perfect solution for brides looking to drink artisan brews without the noise of other guests.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Zodiac Enthusiast

Is your bride the type to text you her latest horoscope interpretations? Is her marriage hinged on the fact that she’s a Virgo and he’s a Pisces? Do you get blinded by the crystals she keeps hidden around her house? Here are some places in Denver where you can find your inner spirit.

12. Discover Your Future with Tarot Readings

Marriage is a union for the future. So what better way to celebrate that union than a good old fashioned tarot card reading of your future? We’ll give you a warning on this one — make sure it’s playful. If the tarot reader decides to give bad news, don’t let the bride take it seriously. The last thing you want is to ruin the trip based on a tarot reading. This can be super fun. So make sure it’s low-key.

13. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Your bride friend may be on the edge of actually believing that magic exists. If that’s the case, The Inventing Room Dessert Shop will downright prove it. By combining a little science and a little art, the dessert gurus down at the Inventing Room can make some out-of-this-world sweets. We’re talking cold-pressed Cheetos and unicorn sweets. Prepare your teeth for war.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Yoga Queen

If you’re dealing with a bride who has an entire Instagram page filled with inspirational quotes and not-so-hidden booty shots, you need more than a few nights of binge drinking. You need herbal teas, sunsets, and low-key workouts in chill settings. Here are some spots to bring that Yoga guru in your life.

14. Fly on a Trapeze

Take a trapeze class at Aerial Cirque Over Denver

Looking for a fun and adventurous daytime activity? There probably isn’t a more unique photo op than you and your besties all posing on trapezes! Seriously… Aerial Cirque Over Denver is a local circus school that hosts private bachelorette parties in Denver. In the 1.5 hour lesson, you’ll learn Instagram-worthy tricks on aerial silks and trapeze. Don’t be intimidated, no one needs experience or any set level of fitness or flexibility. Their coaches are pros and work with folks of all ages and abilities. You’ll be talking and laughing about this one for months!

15. Treat Yo’ Self at the Spa

Sometimes, you just need to treat yo’ self. And what better way to sit back, relax, and decompress after the stressful wedding planning period than taking a trip to the spa? Body Massage Wellness Spa has it all. Massages, manicures, pedicures, botox, filler treatments, and more are all provided by best-in-class professionals right in the heart of Denver. Sometimes, you’re not looking for a night on the town; you’re looking for a night off the town. This is where you go.

16. Find Your Zen With Yoga

Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to look their best at the wedding. The bride may be the focal point of the pics, but bridesmaids are going to have their fair share of photo ops. So why not sweat a few pounds while grooving to some hyper-relaxing yoga at Kindness Yoga. Don’t worry! You can still hop on a brewery tour after you sweat a little. This is definitely a day-party kind of situation. That leaves the whole night for fun.

17. Relax in the Mountains

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado.  Image courtesy
Get out into nature, and take the trip down to Telluride to see Bridal Veil Falls.

If there’s one thing Colorado is famous for, it’s mountains. Can you think of a better way to spend those pre-wedding hours than on the top of a mountain looking down at the lush greenery of Denver? There are TONS of places to hike around the Denver area. But, if you want to get hyper-topical, try out Bridal Veil Falls. It’s an amazing hike through dense trees with an antique water mill and a crystal clear waterfall. Talk about beautiful!

18. Get Fit With A 5k

While taking the anti-R&R pill of a 5k run isn’t up every bachelorette party planner’s alley, it can be a great way to sweat some of the previous night’s booze off or get-in-shape before a night of fun and drinking. If your bride-to-be is diligently dieting and exercising prior to stepping into the dress, a 5k run can be a great way to help them feel more comfortable with the rest of the night. Plus, runs are basically photo op magnets.

Colorado Runner’s calendar and Denver are great resources to find local races.  If we had to choose one for our Denver bachelorette party, it would definitely be the Wicked Wine Run on August 22, 2020.

19. Book a Massage

Ah, the massage. A right-of-passage for bachelorette parties across the globe. They ultra chill, relax atmosphere of massage parlors pairs well with the unbelievable destresser of a nice back rub. White Lotus Therapeutic is the best place in Denver to catch an out-of-this-world massage in a dreamy atmosphere. Plus, it has clout, so you know that you’re not stepping into another kind of massage parlor. You know… that kind.

20. Ride Some Scooters

Electric Scooters in Denver
Explore Denver on electric scooters! (Photo By Kathryn Scott/Special to The Denver Post)

There’s a TON to explore in the Denver area. But taking an Uber or rental can feel less like an exploration trip and more like a beeline from point-to-point. Just hop on a Bird or Lime scooter (they’re all over the place; just download the app). Pick up a scooter, ride it around the city, and leave it wherever you are when you’re done. The prices are fair, and you get the opportunity to explore the wonderful cityscapes without being boxed into a car. Warning: Don’t try to ride the scooters after a night of drinking. Just take an Uber. That’s an accident waiting to happen.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Competitive Girl

Does your bride-to-be have a nasty competitive streak? Do you feel like her entire wedding is more about upstaging her friends than solidifying her engagement? Here are some places in Denver where she can whip out the foam finger and taunt you mercilessly.

21. Work Those Ax Muscles

Why should the guys have all of the fun? Axe throwing may be synonymous with “masculinity,” but that doesn’t mean that you and the girls can’t flex your medieval muscles. Bad Axe Throwing lets you sip a few brews and take out that pent-up wedding anger with wooden axes. Not only is this place world-famous, but its where Hugh Jackman throws a few axes in his free time. Talk about the best night ever!

22. Mix DIY and Booze

Are you struggling to come up with a good wedding gift? Why not make them at the bachelorette party? Upstairs Circus in LoDo lets you pick a DIY project (like art, bracelets, and dog collars) to create with your friends. Of course, DIY projects are fun, but are they really fun enough to constitute as a “bachelorette party?” They are if you’re drinking cocktails at the same time!

Upstairs Circus provides the scrap materials and tools to create fun projects like concrete coasters AND the booze you need to turn the fun up a few volumes. You’ll sit at a massive black table filled with all the workings of a beautiful project. You just need to add labor, booze, love, and fun to the project to make things happen.

23. Learn to Cook in the Streets

Calm down, gangster. Cook Street School of Culinary Arts doesn’t actually take place in the streets (though that would be cool…) Instead, you’ll be in a rustic brick building whipping up fine dining in no time at all. They offer accelerated courses to help you nail a quick fine dining recipe. This is a great way to start a bachelorette weekend. You can even flex your chef muscles after the party and whip up an elegant Italian redux meal with the girls in the Airbnb kitchen. Plus, your bride-to-be can show off her skills. It’s the best kind of competition. The kind where everyone gets to eat at the end.

24. Escape!

By now, you’ve probably heard of escape rooms. They’re teamwork testing events that will put your friendship to the test. All you have to do is escape a room. These Agatha Christie novels come-to-life will have you exploring the nooks and crannies of a small room to find clues and hints that will lead you to the key. There are a few escape rooms in Denver, but Sprightly and EscapeWorks come to mind.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Cringe Embracer

Does your friend have a solid sense of humor? Are they more likely to laugh when you fall rather than help you up? If you’re bride-to-be texts you memes every 10 seconds and craves awkward situations, here are the places in Denver where they can satiate their comedic brains.

25. Get Cringy at Voicebox Karaoke

Private Karaoke room at Voicebox Denver
Rent your very own private karaoke room at Voicebox. Photo Credit Voicebox.

It’s ok to embrace the cringe! Voicebox Karaoke is one of Denver’s hottest karaoke bars, and it will have you and the girls lip-syncing (or singing for the brave-at-heart) your favorite R&B, rock, and rap songs of the last few decades. You can book a private booth and much down on world-famous pigs-in-a-blanket while you try your hardest to remember those cliche 80s rock lyrics.

Like all good karaoke bars, Voicebox Karaoke lets you whet your appetite with a few craft cocktails before you muster up the bravery to bust it down with Lil Nas X. And, if liquid courage isn’t your idea of a good time, you can always gorge down a rich, decadent chocolate tort instead. This is the place to really let loose and experience on last night of awkward memories before you embrace true love.

26. Laugh Your Butts Off at a Comedy Club

Weddings are serious business. So why not get your laughs out before the big night? Voodoo Comedy is a local hotspot that features up-and-coming comedy stars. Now, let’s take a moment to talk about something important… yes! There is a karaoke bar. Whew! That was a close one. Laugh, sing, drink, and have fun in a low-key environment. This is a place that will just put you in a good mood. And isn’t that what bachelorette parties are all about in the first place?

Looking for some bigger-name comedians? Make sure to check the Comedy Works calendar.

27. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth… Sensually?

Forget having a muscly stripper bust out of a cake at the party. That’s a waste of cake! Instead, hop on over to le’ Bakery Sensual to get a cake with a stripper on it! Well… an icing stripper. But isn’t that the best kind? These cakes are funny, thematic, and certainly worth deleting your MyFitnessPal app for the weekend.

Denver Bachelorette Party Restaurants

To be fair, Denver is a food-focused town. And you’re likely to stumble across a variety of delicious local hole-in-the-wall eateries during your brief stay. But these are the spots that absolutely echo “bachelorette party” in Denver.

28. Frasca Food & Wine

Frasca Food & Wine is about as upscale as Italian food gets. Dishes like Carne Cruda in Midolo pair wagyu tenderloin with black truffle and bone marrow, while Uovo e Funghi Misti takes fresh to a new level with wild mushrooms, farm eggs, shallots, and miner’s lettuce. With elegant cocktails and an upscale wine selection, Frasca has become synonymous with class in Denver. Sure! It’s pricey. But this isn’t just any occasion. Your BFF is about to be tied down. Doesn’t that deserve a barely-pronounceable dish of over-plated steak?

29. The Wolf’s Tailor

With a daily changing menu, fresh, local ingredients, and one of the hippiest names and decore styles in Denver, Wolf’s Tailor is a must-eat establishment. You probably won’t walk out with a bill under $30 per person. But you’ll gorge on fresh seafood, veggies, and buckwheat chocolate tarts. Plus, they have bubbly and pink wines. That’s pretty much a must-have.

30. Hop Alley

If you want a restaurant with class AND style, you want Hop Alley. This ramen joint serves upscale Asian cuisine, is littered in pink neon, and has a mantra that includes a love for “happy animals and pretty ice cubes.” For our money, this is the most thematic bachelorette party restaurant in town. Better yet, they deliver. So you can chow down on ramen at the Airbnb spot if you and the girls have had one-too-many.

And For the Magic Mike Fans…

Are you looking for an oiled-up Channing Tatum lookalike in a g-string to gyrate on your bride’s lap? Look. We know. There’s a certain risque quality that comes along with male strippers. But you don’t have to treat it like a naughty night of sin. Honestly, it can be hilarious. Try to pretend like a muscley man with a mullet in a neon yellow man thong isn’t intrinsically funny looking? Here are the best places to get crazy with male strippers in Denver.

31. Muscle Men Madness

Let’s cut to the Chase (we imagine he has blue eyes and very little clothing); Muscle Men Madness is where you go to get… muscle men. This is bachelorette party 101. Half naked men grinding up against your leg while you laugh and try not to (or definitely try to) look at their junk. Sure! The eye candy is nice. But the look on the bride’s face is priceless.

32. BareAssets Party Strippers

Tattoos, oily bodies, and names like Cowboy, Diesel, and Hollywood are what you’ll find at BareAssets. You put in a call, and then an over-the-top man shows up at your door with tear-away clothing. For a little extra, they’ll show up with a bottle of vodka. Need we say more?

Explore Even More

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See the best of the best with Denver Microbrew Tour

With so many amazing options for a bachelorette party in Denver, it’s hard to make a decision, but hopefully this guide will help point you in the right direction.

Want to experience downtown Denver’s breweries in the coolest way possible? Check out Denver Microbrew Tour today. We’re always ready to help! We even offer private tours for corporate outings or social gatherings which create unique and fun experiences while seeing all that Denver breweries have to offer. We’d love to see you soon!