What’s the Right Craft Beer to Solve Your #ColoradoProblem?

Beer can solve any #ColoradoProblem

Beer can solve any #ColoradoProblem

Living in Colorado is really, really hard. From the winding roads of the high country to the lazy riverbanks of the eastern plains, the brave, hardy citizens of this state face challlenges you just don’t find anywhere else. Fortunately, for just about every #ColoradoProblem we face, there is a craft beer that can help us handle it.

“It’s a perfect day at my favorite ski area, but it’s also a perfect day at my favorite mountain bike trail!”

Dilemmas like this, which happen year round, make up some of the most serious #ColoradoProblems. Fortunately, Colorado’s breweries have designed several craft beers to help you mull these important decisions. Try a rich, dark beer like the Milk Stout produced by Longmont’s Left Hand Brewery. Designed to be sipped slowly while looking to the mountains, to the foothills, to the mountains, to the foothills again, this beer can help you handle recreational indecisiveness.

“My boss says we can’t move the office to Breckenridge!”

You don’t need to be in Colorado long before you realize that leaving the mountains is much harder than getting to the mountains. The scenery is beautiful, the skiing is wonderful, and in the little mountain towns it seems like there’s a different craft brewery around every corner. You might not be able to take the skiing or the fishing or the hiking back to work with you when you come down, but picking up a craft brew like Breckenridge Brewery’s Avalanche can help ease the transition back into low country life.

“The stock show’s in town, and it’s making me want to visit Greeley!”

Every winter, the National Western Stock Show brings the romance of the Old West to Denver–the rest of the year, the romance of the Old West hangs out in Greeley, with its friends the comedy of corn production and the documentary of the 20th century cattle industry. Greeley is used to being the butt of friendly jokes around here, and the craft beers produced there reflect its easygoing attitude. Choose a mellow brew like Crabtree Brewery’s Boxcar Brown, and experience that easygoing rural vibe without opening a single feedlot gate.

“I can’t tie a six pack of glass bottles to my inner tube in this stream!”

Summer is serious business in a state that gets 350 days of sunshine a year. When the going gets tough, the tough get an inner tube and head up into the foothills for a day of splashy fun (okay, so the tough go run 10k races and bike up mountains, but then I promise we all go inner tubing). For days like these, Colorado breweries like Upslope rise to the occasion with crisp, hoppy IPAs that capture everything wonderful about cooling off in a high mountain river. And yes, if you tie those cans to your inner tube, they can ride the St. Vrain with you all day long.

These are only a few of the many, many #ColoradoProblems that plague our state’s noble, long-suffering residents. One that we haven’t mentioned–having too many craft brews to select from–is especially serious. The Denver Microbrew Tour is here to help. If you or a loved one is suffering from excessive craft beer variety, join us on a tour and we’ll show you the way.

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