the ultimate guide to denver team-building ideas: 40+ epic experiences your group will love

The Ultimate Guide to Denver Team-Building Ideas: 40+ Epic Experiences Your Group Will Love

Do you find that you and your team just aren’t clicking the way that you used to? Many office employees find it more challenging than ever to get together and collaborate in the ways that they used to. The move to remote work and the isolating feelings that this can bring are a big part of this. If you and/or your team is feeling disconnected, consider the virtues of team-building activities in Denver.

What are Team Building Activities in Denver?

There are some common misconceptions about what team-building activities are. Some have this idea in their minds that team-building activities in Denver are all about forcing employees to engage in activities that they find annoying or simply promotional for the company they work for. However, that does not (and should not) have to be the case at all. Instead, proper team-building activities that achieve their stated goals are well-thought-out ideas that can be used by virtually any business out there. explains what the ideal corporate team-building in Denver activities should look like:

Proper team-building activities should build better communication pathways, improve problem-solving skills, and improve company culture. While individuals sometimes feel like these games are annoying or unnecessary, just 30 minutes of team building can boost morale, increase productivity, and improve work output.

The idea is to get people to think in ways that they do not ordinarily. It is about bringing them together for a common purpose and making sure they are starting to learn more about each other. Hitting that nail on the head takes some time to learn how to get it just right. Fortunately, you will have plenty of different opportunities to work with your team to bring them together.

Why Denver is the Ideal Place for Team-Building Activities

Why Denver is the Ideal Place for Team-Building Activities?
Photo credit: Freepik

The Denver Business Journal recently reported that LinkedIn named Denver one of the fastest-growing cities for entrepreneurs. People are flocking to the city because they see it as a great place to raise their family and grow a business. The Denver Post reported that Denver added more than 100,000 new residents from 2010 to 2020. In the last decade, the population grew by 20% with a total of 115,000 new residents added to the city in the last ten years. That leaves the current population at roughly 715,000.

It stands to reason that a place growing as rapidly as Denver will continue to attract more and more entrepreneurs and the spirit of leadership that they bring with them. However, while anyone can say they are in charge of a group of individuals, it takes a real leader to create a cohesive team that is all striving toward the same objective. This is why, from time to time, it is a good idea to gather your group together for some team-building activities.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the team-building activities that you want to engage with. Let’s take an in-depth look at what many of your team-building in Denver options are.

Not every geographic area is set up as nicely for team-building activities as some others. Fortunately, Denver is the ideal place to get your team together and build connections between them. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • Denver Provides Great Outdoor Activity Options – The generally mild weather that is common in Denver is great for outdoor activities. Also, the high altitude of the Rocky Mountains means that one can engage their team with some strenuous physical activities (such as mountain biking) if that appeals to your group.
  • Plenty of Peers – The entrepreneurial spirit of Denver means that you are likely to find many peers in the area that are attempting to achieve many of the same goals that you are trying to reach. Therefore, you might be able to borrow ideas from other business leaders in the area when it comes to team-building ideas in Downtown Denver, for example.
  • A Variety of Options – Denver has opened its arms to welcome many newcomers in recent years, and the resources available throughout Denver have increased along with the growth of the city. Therefore, you will never run out of different team-building activities to select from.

Denver is the kind of place where you can get very excited about building a business from the ground up. Let’s now take a look at some of the corporate team-building activities in Denver that you can engage in with your team.

40 Exceptional Team-Building Activities in Denver

Without further ado, here are some great team-building activities in Downtown Denver that you can try out today.

Denver Team Building Activities for Teams with a Thirst for Knowledge

Your team probably wants to learn more about the area around them and expand their minds and their imagination. If that sounds like your team, then you should consider the following:

RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour

Two people enjoying beers on a brewery tour with Denver Microbrew Tour.
RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour

There are several breweries in the Denver area, and your team will surely want to learn about those brews and how they are made. A great team-building activity in Downtown Denver is the RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour. Not only will you and your team get the opportunity to sample a variety of great beers, but you can also check out the delightful graffiti artwork of local artists. See the heart and spirit that graffiti artists have put into their craft all while sampling great beer.

Clyfford Still Museum

Screenshot Clyfford Still Museum
Screenshot Taken From: Clyfford Still Museum

It is always nice to take a step back and appreciate the art that has been created by truly professional and seasoned artists. You can see all of that at the Clyfford Still Museum. This is a team-building experience in Denver because it allows the team to express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions in ways they might not have been able to in the office.

Stranahan’s Distillery Tour

Screenshot Stranahan's Distillery
Screenshot Taken From: Stranahan’s Distillery

Another place where you and your team can allow your imagination to run wild is Stranahan’s Distillery Tour. It is a place where you can check out how some of America’s best-tasting whiskeys are made. Book a tour for your team to get a full tour of the distillery and also do a sampling of the whiskeys that you see throughout the distillery.

Balisteri Vineyards

Screenshot Balisteri Vineyards
Screenshot Taken From: Balisteri Vineyards

Some people prefer wine to other adult beverages, and they want to see the process of making the wine that they consume. A great way to bring them all of this is to take them out to the Balisteri Vineyards for a look around the place where their favorite wines come from. Consider the team-building aspect of having everyone learn about something new that they can discuss with each other.

Cocktail Making Classes

Screenshot Mixology Classes Denver
Screenshot Taken From: Mixology Classes Denver

Why not learn how to become a professional mixologist among your group of friends and other loved ones? If that is what you seek, then you don’t want to miss out on taking your team to some cocktail-making classes. The team will appreciate the opportunity to learn how to create the ideal cocktails for any party or social gathering. You can check out and book classes at Mixology Classes Denver.

LoDo Craft Beer Tour

LoDo Craft Beer Tour

Hit up four of the top breweries in the Denver area with your team while sampling 10+ of the most popular beers in the area. You can delight your palate along the way and create a truly enjoyable experience when you book the LoDo Craft Beer Tour for your team. This tour is so popular as a corporate team-building activity in Denver that it has even been featured in the New York Times!

Painting with a Twist

Screenshot Painting with a Twist
Screenshot Taken From: Painting with a Twist

Did you know that you can join up your entire team in a single team-building activity in Denver that also allows them to learn a new skill? That is what you get with Painting with a Twist. This is an interactive painting class taught by a professional instructor who will guide your employees through the step-by-step process of painting a beautiful piece of art. The best part? You get to sip on wine while learning how to do this.

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Thrill-Seekers

Do you lead a bunch of people who love to embrace everything that life has to offer? If that sounds like your group, then you need to check out the team-building activities for the true thrill-seekers out there.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting
Photo credit: Unsplash

A very fun way to get the team engaged and thrilled at the same time is white water rafting. You can check out what AVA has to offer in relation to this and see for yourself the difference that it can make to get your team out on the open waters. The staff there has all of the equipment and trained staff to keep everyone safe, but they will still get a thrilling experience at the same time.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
Photo credit: Unsplash

Movement RiNo boasts of its indoor rock climbing offerings. This means that you can engage your entire team in a delightful activity that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to try out. This is a great team-building activity in Denver because it is welcoming to everyone of all skill levels.

Indoor Skydiving

Screenshot Indoor Skydiving
Screenshot Taken From: iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Let’s be honest, skydiving is one of the best ways to show that you are a true thrill-seeker. However, you might not have had the opportunity to take on this activity in the past. Now you can when you check out iFLY Indoor Skydiving. It is the perfect team-building activity in Denver to get everyone’s heart pumping. That said, it is a completely safe activity that is conducted entirely indoors.

Outdoor Skydiving

Outdoor Skydiving
Photo credit: Pexels

Do you want to turn it up a notch? How about trying outdoor skydiving with the team? Rocky Mountain Skydiving is the place to turn to for this experience. The true thrill-seekers among us know that this is by far the best way to take on your ultimate fears and conquer them.

Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata

Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata
Screenshot Taken From: Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata

Exploring some of the natural landmarks that Denver has to offer is part of the experience of offering your team the chance to bond with each other in ways that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Check out the Arapahoe Basin Via Ferrata to climb up the side of a major natural landmark in the Denver area.

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens
Screenshot Taken From: Elitch Gardens

Who says that team-building activities in Denver have to be boring? That certainly isn’t the case if you bring the team over to Elitch Gardens. This is a thrill-seeker’s paradise with numerous roller coasters and other rides to check out as well.

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms
Photo credit: Freepik

You have one hour to work together as a team to get unlocked from a room. Your role is to solve a number of puzzles that will help free yourself and your team from the room. This is the scenario you will find yourself in when you book a room at EscapeWorks Denver. It is thrilling to try to figure out the puzzles to earn your escape, and it is a great way to figure out everyone’s strong suits and talents.

Unser Karting and Events

Screenshot Unser Karting and Events
Screenshot Taken From: Unser Karting and Events

Get behind the wheel of a go-kart and race to beat your co-workers, or work as a team to produce the best possible times getting around the track. Either way, you are going to have a great time when you book a date at Unser Karting and Events. It features a full indoor track so your team-building event in Denver can take off regardless of the weather.

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Foodies

You know the people in your office who are always the first to volunteer to make a delicious dish for the potluck dinner. They are the foodies, and they will surely appreciate the opportunity to engage with some corporate team-building activities in downtown Denver.

Delicious Denver Food Tours

Screenshot Delicious Denver Food Tours
Screenshot Taken From: Delicious Denver Food Tours

Why only have one thing for dinner when you can sample a little of everything that the city has to offer? That is what you and the team get when you set up a time with the Delicious Denver Food Tours service. Enjoy everything from local pizza delights to authentic Mediterranean foods.

Cooking Classes

Screenshot Denver Cooking Classes
Screenshot Taken From: Denver Cooking Classes

It is always nice to know a little more about how you can cook some of your favorite meals from the comfort of your own home. If that is what you seek to accomplish, then you certainly want to check out the Denver Cooking Classes that you can set up for your team. When you book through them, you will have a professional chef-guided experience that helps you and the team learn a bit more about how to cook professional-level dishes at home.

The Great Guac Off

Screenshot The Great Guac Off
Screenshot Taken From: The Great Guac Off

Gosh, isn’t guacamole just so tasty? The people that run The Great Guac Off think so, and that is why they put this magical event together. Your team will enjoy 90 minutes of lessons from chefs who know how to prepare the best-tasting guacamole out there. They will also have the chance to sample some of the delightful guacamoles with chips provided. It is a great place for a devoted foodie.

Bruto Restaurant

Screenshot Bruto Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Bruto Restaurant

It is very cool to see how the people at the Bruto Restaurant prepare food for all of their customers with little to no waste. This is the kind of delightful experience that many guests say makes them feel better about going out to eat in the first place.

Guard and Grace Restaurant

Screenshot Guard and Grace Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Guard and Grace

One of the team-building ideas in downtown Denver that you don’t want to skip past is the opportunity to have a meal with your team at the Guard and Grace Steakhouse. It is a high-end place, so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time, particularly for a large group.

Mizuna Restaurant

Screenshot Mizuna Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Mizuna Restaurant

The Mizuna Restaurant is so good that it is only open for dinner. The professionals there rely on French-cooking techniques to produce dishes that you simply cannot get anywhere else. The foodies on your team will love the amazing food served here.

Rioja Restaurant

Screenshot Rioja Restaurant
Screenshot Taken From: Rioja Restaurant

Mediterranean food is having a moment, and you certainly want to treat your team to some of the best of this type of food. That is precisely what you will find at the Rioja Restaurant. Take your team there so they will be able to enjoy the delights of Mediterranean foods that can only be served at a place that specializes in this type of delightful option.

Enjoy a Food Festival

Screenshot Enjoy a Food Festival
Photo credit: Freepik

If you are good at planning ahead, you can make a team-building activity in Denver out of going to one of the local food festivals that come to town. The Ukrainian food festival in Denver is one that takes place every second Saturday of the month. Your team can experience new food types that they might not otherwise have had the chance to sample in their everyday life.

Denver Team-Building Activities for the Competitive Crowd

Depending on the nature of the team that you have assembled, you might find that you have a fairly competitive crew. That’s no problem, there are plenty of fun things to do with a team that wants to compete with each other.

Archery Dodgeball

Screenshot Archery Dodgeball
Screenshot Taken From: Archery Games Denver

The childhood game of dodgeball has received an upgrade. You can now enjoy a version known as archery dodgeball. Similar to the original game but with the twist of using soft bows and arrows to knock out opponents, this is the perfect corporate team-building activity in Denver for a highly competitive team. Check out the Archery Games Denver location for the only arena offering this new game in the area.

Gingerbread Wars

Screenshot Gingerbread Wars
Screenshot Taken From: Gingerbread wars

During the holiday season, it can be a lot of competitive fun to get involved in a competition known as “gingerbread wars“. This is where your team all competes with one another to build the best gingerbread houses and see who can come up with the most elaborate (and tasitest) gingerbread house designs.

Axe Throwing

You will feel like a brave warrior with this team-building activity in Denver. Bad Axe Throwing is the perfect location to try out your skills as an axe thrower. It is safe to do so here, and you can compete with your peers to see who is the most accurate.

Laser Tag

Screenshot LLT Laser Fun Center
Screenshot Taken From: LLT Laser Fun Center

Are you still looking for team-building ideas in downtown Denver and aren’t sure where to turn? How about trying out a classic game of laser tag? This will help your team work on their cooperation skills while having a fun time doing so. Go to the LLT Laser Fun Center in Denver to experience this competitive way of bringing everyone together.

Trampoline Park

Organize a number of different games at the trampoline park at Urban Air Adventure in downtown Denver. Your team will enjoy the ability to connect with each other in a way that they simply couldn’t in the office.

American Paintball Coliseum

Screenshot American Paintball Coliseum
Screenshot Taken From: American Paintball Coliseum

Another fun sport to include in your team-building ideas in Denver is the American Paintball Coliseum. They offer opportunities that include paintball, laser tag, airsoft, and many other ultra-competitive events.

Denver Team-Building Activities for Large Groups

Do you lead a large group of employees? If so, you need to look for locations that can take care of large teams like this. After all, you don’t want anyone to get left behind, and you certainly want the dynamic to be constructive and helpful for the entire team to engage in the team-building activity. The following are some options for those looking for things to do with a large group.

Denver Microbrew Tour

Denver Bachelorette Parties with Beer

Groups with 100+ people might want to check out the Denver Microbrew Tour. The group that operates this is more than able to handle a large group of that size, and they are happy to do it. Check out the best microbreweries from throughout the Mile High City, and don’t miss the opportunity to treat your large group to this experience.

Denver Selfie Museum

Screenshot Denver Selfie Museum
Screenshot Taken From:Denver Selfie Museum

This is a space where you can take photos that are truly something delightful and special. The Denver Selfie Museum is a great place to get a large group together for some interesting and mind-bending photographs. The team will never forget the day because of all of the cool pictures they get to take with each other. You will appreciate everyone coming together like this for some fun and memories.

Adult Field Day

Large groups love to get together and recreate some of their favorite experiences from childhood. One of those experiences is sure to be the field day experience from when they were in school. Adult Field Day encourages you to get out there and act like a kid once again. They say that you get to drink like an adult while you play like a kid. They can also take on large groups and award prizes and other fun rewards for those who participate.

Ceramics in the City

Screenshot Ceramics in the City
Screenshot Taken From: Ceramics in the City

The people who host the Ceramics in the City event are happy to take on a large group if you decide to bring the whole team. You will have the chance to allow your team to enjoy the expert direction of an entire team of individuals who are dedicated to helping your team make their favorite pottery pieces and so much more. If that is the kind of thing that appeals to you and the people on your team, then you should make sure you don’t miss the chance to show them a great time at this team-building activity in downtown Denver.

Denver Team-Building Activities for Sports Lovers

Sports are something that can bring us all together, and they should be on your list of team-building activities in downtown Denver to try out.

Catch a Colorado Rockies Game

Screenshot Catch a Colorado Rockies Game
Screenshot Taken From: Colorado Rockies

See the Colorado Rockies knock out some home runs while you and the team enjoy the atmosphere and the chance to talk with one another in a setting outside of the office. Check for group rates on something like this to receive discounted tickets.

A Denver Nuggets Game is a Slam Dunk

Another professional team that Denver boasts of is the Denver Nuggets. In fact, the team just took home the latest NBA Championship. Riding high on a major victory like that, the Denver Nuggets are a fun team to watch.

Colorado Avalanche: An Experience on Ice

Screenshot Colorado Avalanche
Screenshot Taken From: Colorado Avalanche

Finally, don’t forget about checking out the professional hockey players of the Colorado Avalanche. They provide a great show with each game, and you will find that going to one of their games can be an excellent team-building activity in Denver as well.

Classic Denver Team-Building Activities

Sometimes you just want to go with the classics, and there is nothing wrong with that either. If you think your team will respond best to some throwback team-building ideas in downtown Denver, then you should go for it. Certain examples include the following:

A Trip to the Bowling Alley

Screenshot Bowlero Cherry Creek
Screenshot Taken From: Bowlero Cherry Creek

Bowlero Cherry Creek is the place to check out if you want to give your team a classic team-building experience. The bowling is something of a sideshow compared to the relationships that are formed on the lanes.

See the Fish at the Downtown Aquarium

One of the team-building ideas in downtown Denver that you want to keep high up on your list is a trip to the Downtown Aquarium. It is a great place to see the marvels of our natural world manifested in a way that you might never have imagined possible otherwise. Check it out for yourself and make sure you take the whole team out to explore the wonders of the aquarium.

Laugh it up at a Comedy Show

Screenshot Comedy Works
Screenshot Taken From: Comedy Works

Work can be so serious sometimes that you lose sight of the fact that you need to blow off some steam and laugh a little. Take the team down to the Comedy Works club in downtown Denver to let them enjoy a laugh with some of the most talented comedians out there.

A Trip to the Spa

Speaking of unwinding and taking it easy, there is no better way to do so than a trip to the spa. It can be a team-building experience in Denver when you book a reservation at the Woodhouse Day Spa. They will treat the entire team to the relaxation and comfort that they deserve.

How to Plan Your Team-Building Activities in Denver

You now know of a great many places where you can take your team for some team-building activities. The question is, how do you plan your team-building events so they go off perfectly? You should do the following:

  • Poll Your Team – Ask the people you are going to take to the event what kind of things appeal to them the most. Take in their answers and attempt to structure an event that will appeal to the most people possible.
  • Speak with the Venue – Contact the venue that you intend to use to ensure they can work with a group of your size. Ask about the rates they charge for their services, and speak with them about any potential discounts you can get for a larger-group.
  • Share the Details with Your Team – The people who work for you need to know what kind of activity they are getting into so they know how to prepare for it. Let them know about the details of what you have booked so they can get excited about it.
  • Have a Backup Plan – Don’t forget that unforeseen events could derail your event. Weather is often a factor for outdoor events, so make sure you have a backup plan in case things go wrong.

Follow these steps and you should be able to create the perfect corporate team-building event in Denver.

Team-Building and Corporate Success

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts at their job. When they are taken out on a company event, it helps them feel like a valued member of the team, and it gives them a break from the day-to-day experience of grinding through the workday. The Harvard Business Review notes that both recognition and appreciation are key components to maintaining high employee morale. Both of these can be doled out in large quantities when one takes the team out for some team-building activities.

Maintaining high morale and avoiding burnout in employees are two major stepping stones in the right direction towards continued corporate success. Always remember that sometimes the best move is to take your foot off the gas every so slightly to allow employees to recharge and feel appreciated and understood.

Share What You Have Learned

You now know of a huge number of exciting places to have team-building activities in Denver. Get out there and spread the word! Share what you have learned here on your social media profiles so others know where to turn to when their team needs a boost. We can all use a helping hand in challenging times like this, and you should try to assist others in their quest to make their employees happy and fulfilled as well. For even more team-building activity ideas, check out the Denver Microbrew Tour and see how you can set up the perfect experience for a private group.

We can’t wait to hear from you and want to offer you all of the information we have about team-building activities. For more details, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for specifically. A member of our team will be glad to assist you.

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