Top 9 Breweries Near Meow Wolf Denver That You Should Check Out

Searching for the best Breweries near meow wolf Denver? Be sure to check out these 9!

Meow Wolf is more than an arts and entertainment company; it’s an adventure. If you’re looking to enjoy immersive art experiences such as temporary exhibitions, videos, or pop-ups, then it should be your go-to plug. Meow Wolf currently has 3 permanent art exhibitions, one of them being Denver.  

The story of how they began is as intriguing as it is inspiring. Meow Wolf was launched in 2008 by a collective of struggling emerging artists. They were having a hard time carving out a niche for themselves in the Sants Fe’s fine art scene, so they did what most people are afraid to do; create their own space.  They welcomed other artists to join them and started by creating art installations that were mainly used as backdrops for concerts and live parties. 

This bunch of misfits then went on to gain international attention for their immersive, imaginative, and interactive art exhibitions. What started off as a radical DIY art collective has now grown into a multi-billion dollar company that’s completely revolutionizing the entertainment industry. You can easily enjoy their out-of-the-box experiences by buying tickets on their website

If you’re in Denver for one of their exhibitions and are looking for the best places to get a beer near Meow Wolf, you should check out a Denver brewery tour. Alternatively, here’s a list of the top 9 breweries near Meow Wolf Denver. 

Best Choice Overall: Raíces Brewing

4 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 2060 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204 | 

Raices Brewing is one of the best Latino-owned breweries in the area. Their beers are so good that they have won multiple awards, and their food selection is simply exotic and exquisite. This brewing company was launched in 2016, but its taproom opened much later in late 2019. Raíces Brewing has won a total of 8 national awards since 2017 on their 4 signature beers; Valle del Sol (Sun Valley), Latina, Furia (Fury), and Raíz.

If you’re Latino, Raíces Brewing is like a mini paradise where you get to interact with other people from your culture, enjoy great food, music and most importantly, have immersive conversations over a glass of beer. If you’re non-Latino, you need not worry because Raíces Brewing has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that will get you feeling right at home as soon as you walk in. The best part is that in addition to enjoying amazing cuisine and award-winning beer, you also get to learn about the richness of Latin culture. Think of it as a place where people from all walks of life can connect over great beer and have authentic conversations and experiences. 

breweries near meow wolf  denver: raíces brewing

One of the elements that make Raíces Brewing stand out is that they have a cultural connection to Denver. They’re also included in HelloFood, and interestingly, they completed their application while hospitalized with COVID-19. This is just proof of how dedicated and committed they are to the community. 

Easiest Choice to Enjoy Craft Beer: HelloFood

0 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 1338 1st Street Denver, CO 80204| 

breweries near meow wolf denver

Is there anything better than enjoying an amazing craft beer after you’re done with your cosmic exploration? We think not! HelloFood is located inside Convergence Station, right where Meow Wolf is, making it the most convenient location to enjoy bold brews and tasty treats after your immersive art experience. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect about HelloFood is that you’re able to enjoy a diverse menu that includes entrees, desserts, alcohol, and beverages. This place is kid-friendly, so you and your children can enjoy meals during normal business hours.

HelloFood fusion cafe has partnered with multiple vendors to cater to all of your food needs. Some of the breweries in this program include; Raices Brewing Company, Upslope Brewing Company, Odell Brewing Co., and Marble Brewery. They also have reputable food, and dessert vendors such as ‍Bubby Goober’s Baked Goods, adobo, Copper Door Coffee, ‍Combi Taco & Stokes Poke, God Save the Cream, Osage Cafe, Miss Peabody’s Southern Tea Cakes, tea.o.graphy and Rocky Mountain Soda Company. With all these vendors under one roof, there’s definitely something for everyone! You should, however, note that HelloFood is only available to ticket holders at Convergence Station that have been admitted to the exhibition. 

Best Choice for  Pet Owners: Strange Craft Beer Company

7 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 1330 Zuni St Unit M, Denver, CO 80204 |

There’s something inspiring about people who are willing to risk it all just to make their dreams come true. Strange Brewing Company was launched in May 2010 by 2 IT technicians who found themselves out of a job after the Rocky Mountain News, the newspaper company they worked for, closed down. Suddenly out of a job and with nothing but their retirement savings,  Tim Myers and John Fletcher decided to pursue their shared dream of starting a brewery. They combined their retirement savings, Myers homebrew equipment, and various brew recipes and began operations. 

Strange Craft Beer Company started by manufacturing one barrel of beer every week, but they have significantly grown and now have a diverse brew range that includes Strange Pale Ale, Breakfast Grapefruit IPA, Dr. Strangelove Barleywine, Cherry Kriek (2014 World Beer Cup Gold Award Winner), etc. Their small beginnings allowed them to focus on and perfect their homebrew recipes. Despite their exponential growth, Tim Meyers still hosts one barrel Wednesday that allows you to enjoy experimental brews.

Strange Brewing Company has won multiple GABF awards, including 2 World Beer Cups and 4 Great American Beer Festival medals. They have a beautiful outdoor space that has cooling misters and large umbrellas to ensure you enjoy the ultimate beer experience. The best part is that Strange Brewing Company is dog friendly, so you not only enjoy amazing brews but can also bring your furry friend while at it. 

Best Choice for Beer Lovers With a Friend Who Doesn’t Like Beer: Rising Sun Distillery

7 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 1330 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80204 |

The beauty of friendships lies in the fact that you get to make connections with people that know you deeply. You’re also able to enjoy diverse experiences, which is something that most people take for granted. Think of a scenario where you’re done with one of Meow Wolf’s exciting tours. You enjoy a good craft beer, but your friend is more of a vodka, gin, or brandy kind of person. What do you do? You go to a brewery that can accommodate both of your needs!

The Rising Sun Distillery may be relatively small, but it has been described as having a lot of charm and character. It’s known for producing oaked gin, silk road gin, organic vodka & brandy, as well as seasonal cocktails that are nothing short of amazing. You’re probably wondering, ‘ how does it accommodate beer lovers?’Well, it’s right next door to Strange Craft Beer Company, so you can both enjoy your preferred drinks without being apart from each other.

Best Choice for a Fun Evening: Briar Common Brewery + Eatery

17 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 2298 Clay St, Denver, CO 80211 |

breweries near meow wolf  denver: briar common brewery + eatery

Don’t you just hate it when you’re enjoying a fun evening with your friends but then have to leave the establishment in search of food? Well, Briar Common Brewery solves this problem by also incorporating an eatery. This allows you to not only enjoy an elevated brewery experience but also have some great cuisine while you’re at it. 

If you’re from Meow Wolf’s exhibition and are looking for a chill place to hang out with your friends in the evening, Briar Common Brewery should be one of your top picks. This place has an air of hospitality and is also a great option for families and friends looking for a great place to hang out and catch up

Briar Common Brewery + Eatery is family-owned and was launched in 2016. 2 brothers, Kent and Greg, wanted to open a brewery that could accommodate the needs of everyone that decided to visit their establishment. So, instead of only producing great craft beer, they also started offering wine and hand-crafted cocktails for non-beer enthusiasts and food. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for all your fun night needs. 

Best Choice for Old School Beer Lovers: Seedstock Brewery

28 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 3610 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204 |

Sometimes the best way to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is by having a great craft beer with amazing company. If your idea of a good time is going back to the basics and having high-quality beer, the kind you’d expect your grandpa to enjoy, then Seedstock Brewery is the place for you. At first, they only brewed beer as a seasonal or specialty item, but the reception was so great that they made it part of their regular lineup.

The ultimate sophistication stems from simplicity, and this is especially true when it comes to Seedstock Brewery. They aren’t afraid to go old school when it comes to their beers which is why they are so alluring. One of their founders once highlighted that life doesn’t have to be complicated, and neither do their beers. This quote sums up the experience you’ll enjoy when you visit Seedstock Brewery. 

Best Choice for Families: Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake

32 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 1625 Perry St, Denver, CO 80204 |

breweries near meow wolf  denver: odell brewing sloan's lake

If you’re from the Meow Wolf Exhibit and are looking for a place where you can enjoy a great brew as your family has pizza, then the Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake is a perfect choice. This brewery has been around for more than 3 decades and is widely known for its hand-crafted and innovative brews. Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake brewery is independently owned, thanks to the founders selling most of the company shares to the employees in 2015. 

Part of their original beer selection includes their classics and brews that are developed on-site such as the Kaleidohaze West Coast Hazy IPA, Double IPA featuring hop varietal, Dark Helmet Chocolate Stout, and the Perry Street Pils that’s always on tap.  

Best Choice for Adventurous Beer Drinkers: Denver Beer Co Platte Street

28 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 1695 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202 | 

If you enjoy trying out various brews, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Denver Beer Co diverse beer collection. This brewery started off in a garage with nothing but the love for the brewing craft and a few hand-crafted beers and has now bloomed into a reputable brewery. Denver Beer Co only serves lagers and premium artisan ales made from fresh ingredients. Their beer selections are often seasonal, but you can still find some of the old brews on tap. This brewery also serves non-alcoholic drinks for your teetotaler friends. 

Most Historical: Tivoli Brewing Company

14 Min from Meow wolf by foot | 900 Auraria Pkwy Suite 240, Denver, CO 80204 |

breweries near meow wolf denver: tivoli brewing company

Tivoli Brewing Company has been part of Colorado history for more than 150 years. That’s one and a half centuries of nothing but great brews and years of perfecting recipes! If you believe that beer has a soul and enjoy experiencing the unique flavors of each brew, then you should definitely visit this establishment.

The Tivoli Brewing Company is located in the same building it was in when it first opened in 1859. They reopened in 2015 and partnered with the MSU brewing program to combine their age-old brew recipes with modern techniques. By visiting this brewery, you’ll not only enjoy the best of both worlds but also connect with the rich culture of colorado. 

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Brewery Tour Experience?

To beer or not to beer? Well, with the above selection of remarkable breweries, you can rest assured that all your beer needs will be met. They are the perfect combination of sophistication and simplicity and can cater to all types of groups. For instance, if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy a school evening, the Briar Common Brewery + Eatery should be your go-to option. 

Check out these breweries, and then sign up for one of our Denver brewery tours for the ultimate experience! If you love art and exquisite brews, you should also check out the Denver Microbrew Tour’s RiNo Beer and Graffiti Tour. ‘

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