Best Corporate Party Ideas & Gift Experiences for Your Remote Team

Guest post from Mary Roe at Activity SuperStore

As per the latest tested stats, it is assumed that most employees stay longer at a company that appreciates and cherishes the employees and their hard work. Lately, with the onslaught of the pandemic, the gatherings for employee appreciation and festive celebrations have reduced drastically.

To bring back the employees’ motivation and encouragement, the corporate sector has initiated its virtual party and celebration programs. Add to that the best ways to present virtual gifts to employees at the parties, team building, and task force encouragement go a long way to the company’s rise.

Corporate Party Ideas for Remote Teams

While your employees may live miles apart, you can still reach out through some online video conferencing applications such as Zoom. You can celebrate with them and even send them thoughtful gifts on their special days.

Some of the most innovative Corporate Party Ideas are below:

Virtual Games

While virtual parties might sound boring to many, they are far from it. When you add elements of fun and games with small 60-second challenges to compete with your colleagues, you can experience the same thrill as in a live games event.

From taking up mini-challenges to diving into the activities below,  you and your team are sure to have tons of fun. Try these simple-but-fun games:

  • Guessing games
  • Tongue twisters
  • Charades
  • Riddles
  • Bingo
  • Card games
  • Online poker
  • Pool parties, etc.

Common Festive Celebrations

There are holidays on some typical festive days where the employees might celebrate with their whole family. You can spruce up that day by celebrating with your colleagues and knowing what each of them does that is different from the others.

So, dress up, decorate your houses and prepare delicious festive food to celebrate with your colleagues this holiday.

Employee Special-Day Celebrations

Every employee is required to fill in their birth dates and even anniversaries in the system at the office. So, you can make use of the information and surprise your employees with a virtual special day celebration.

You can even invite their families online to give them a sweet surprise. This is one way to party when you are afar and appreciate the person who works for your company. You can also give them an exciting surprise by sending them some gifts on their special days.

Virtual Team Parties

While sitting away at home and working from the confines of your rooms is comfortable, it still lacks the need to build necessary team strength. The best way to start appreciating your colleagues is by spending virtual time with them.

You can plan:

When you find common topics of interest with your colleagues, the discussion grows, and so do healthy relationships.

This improves team strength and enables healthy collaboration on each project consequently. You can even deliver quick-prepare popcorn kits and soft drinks to employees for movie time.

There are many other things you can plan and initiate the trend of corporate parties to ensure that everyone stays in touch where they are.

Remote work does not increase gaps between colleagues, and understandings grow to benefit the company in the long run.

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Remote People

While having virtual celebrations and parties is one thing to help everyone pick up the mood and bring the party to everyone’s homes, there is another thing that can help cheer everyone up; gifts.

Suppose you are looking to encourage the employees better and improve their level of motivation and dedication to the work. In that case, telling them, you appreciate their hard work is essential. When an individual is valued, they must improve and give their all.

To ensure this happens, send them a thoughtful gift and help them unwind while motivating them to work with heart.

At the same time, these gifts are detrimental to happiness when you are coupling them with a virtual birthday or anniversary celebration. Surprising them with a delivered gift at their homes makes them happier. Some of the best gifting ideas are based on how much your budget allows you to let go.

Material Gifts

When you have worked with someone long, you get to know what their preferences are. If you know of such things, you can surprise the special individual on their important day with something they genuinely want and will appreciate.

For example, for someone with a love for books, you can deliver the latest one from their favorite author or the book next in a series of the one they are presently indulging themselves in.

External Excursions

If a person likes to go out and about to relax and unwind and has the nature of being adventurous, let them experience the joys of adventure sports and other activities near their residence.

You can present them with a booking of helicopter rides for the couple on their anniversary, hiking trip arrangements, cruise evening rides, water sports packages, and so on. With such fun activities and excursions, you can give your employees the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.  

Foodies’ Dream Come True

There might be many who enjoy good food.

If your employees are true foodies, you can gift them:

  • A food gift basket / hamper
  • Restaurant coupons
  • Food outlets seat bookings
  • Home delivery of an exquisite collection of flavors
  • An assortment of chocolates for chocolate lovers, bakery packages, wine tasting, and cheese hampers

Many more possibilities include tech gadgets, gift cards, short trip packages, high-end dinner reservations, etc.

Key Takeaways

Remote setting corporate party ideas enable a healthy work environment while encouraging all. At the same time, having gifts delivered shows the employer’s appreciation for the employee’s hard work. This is a huge treat that makes the receiver’s day. 

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Mary Roe is the Marketing Coordinator at Activity SuperStore. Mary aims to be a guiding voice while you’re on the lookout for unique gifts, telling you what’s a value or a  rip-off, and what’s just right for you and your family. She is passionate about outdoor experiences and loves to share her knowledge via her articles. Mary is a fitness freak, and you’ll most probably find her hitting the gym in her free time.

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