4 Crazy Craft Beer Facts You Can Surprise Your Friends With

Remember taking your first sip of craft beer? There was no going back. You knew you found something amazing to appreciate and now you and your friends are regular craft beer enthusiasts. But here are a few facts you can introduce to your friends and impress them with, equipped with your craft beer knowledge.

Brewery Independence

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George Washington was one of the nation’s first craft brewers, and Barack Obama is one of the latest.

The beautiful thing about craft breweries across the United States is that each one is independent. Every brewery maintains a sense of traditionalism and hasn’t gone the corporate route by super-sizing their endeavors. This means that every craft beer creation is handled with meticulous care and attention, ensuring you get the freshest brew.

Where’s That Foam Coming From?

Want to know where that heaping amount of foam is coming from when you get a crisp craft beer? Foaming is created by a frosted, cold glass. So it’s really a win-win situation: your beer looks amazing and has the perfect chilled temperature so you can enjoy it on a scorching summer day.

Famous Home Brewers

If one of your hobbies is home brewing or simply enjoying home brewed beer, then you share a mutual interest with some Presidential types. That includes our first President George Washington and current President Barack Obama. Other Presidents who enjoyed brewing included James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

Most Breweries

Curious to discover which states have the most breweries? Those would include California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. California takes the title with the most establishments with its 330 different breweries.

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