Parking for Denver Microbrew Tour

Parking in downtown Denver can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide for the Denver Microbrew Tour should help you out:

Tours Starting at Rock Bottom

If your tour starts at Rock Bottom, we HIGHLY recommend parking in the Independence Plaza parking garage, beneath Rock Bottom. If you make a purchase at Rock Bottom (for instance, a beer before the tour), they’ll validate your parking ticket stub. The validation does not totally cover the cost of parking, but offers heavily discounted rates all evening ($4 – $6).

To park in the parking garage beneath Rock Bottom (starting on Curtis Street, approaching 16th Street Mall):
    [list bullet=”circle”]
  • Merge into the left lane on Curtis Street
  • Just AFTER passing 16th Street Mall, look for the “Independence Plaza” parking garage entrance on your left.
  • Enter the parking garage, and take a ticket, and park
  • Make SURE to bring your parking ticket with you to get it validated by Rock Bottom
  • [/list]

An additional nice perk of parking in the “Independence Plaza” is that there are minimal consequences for leaving your car overnight (just a few dollars more). So, if you’ve had a few drinks extra, just leave your car and take an UBER or cab!

Tours Starting at Wynkoop Brewing Company

If your tour starts at Wynkoop, we recommend:

  1. Parking in a paid lot
    • There are a number of paid lots around this area, ranging in price dramatically based on events in the area. Outside of Rockies (ML Baseball) season, the lot by Blake Street Tavern at approximately 2351 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205 is a good bet. During Rockies season, you may have to drive around a bit for a good deal. Leave extra time for this.
  2. Parking across Broadway in a free spot
    • There are a number of free spots on Blake Street or Walnut Street, past Broadway. This area is up and coming, and could feel a little sketchy at night, though it is fine by most accounts. Outside of Rockies season, parking should be pretty open in that area. During Rockies season, it could be totally full.
  3. Parking in one of the two hour spots right next to River North
    • This option is for the risk taker. There’s a chance you’ll get a ticket (Denver’s tickets are $25) for parking more than two hours, but in my experience, that’s relatively rare. Please know we do not recommend parking here, but this is probably the best option if you’re running late for the tour. Worst case, its $25.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 303-578-9548.

Have a great time on the tour!