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The Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project: The Sour Beer Entrant Among Denver Breweries

Fans of Belgian-style sour beers will want to take note of the Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project and its taproom at the Source, which is at 3550 Brighton. Crooked Stave distinguishes itself among Denver breweries with its barrel-aged, limited release craft beers. These are not Belgian lambics, which are brewed in specific regions, but are instead a whole new approach to the burgeoning sour beer trend.

Crooked Stave’s brews begin with special yeast strains that impart the desired tartness, followed by aging in first-use red wine, bourbon, and other barrels, depending on the characteristics the brewmaster wants to impart to his beer. Barrels add both color and flavor to the brew, including vanilla, caramel and burnt wood tasting notes. Barrel aging extends the time required to produce a batch of beer. Some barrel-aged sour beers can remain in barrel for up to two years before their release. Sour beers in general are more challenging to produce, but for many people the resulting product is worth the challenge.

Crooked Stave’s beers are made in small, limited run batches. When a batch runs out, a new batch with different taste characteristics will take its place. Crooked Stave reserves some of its more limited release batch’s for members of its cellar reserve club. In 2013, the brewery gave purchasing priority to its cellar reserve club members for its golden, burgundy, and dark sour beers. Many of those beers remain available for sampling in Crooked Stave’s taproom.

Belgian-style sour beers will not appeal to everyone’s tastes, nor will they be an everyday staple beer for most people. The tastes are typically complex and full-bodied, almost demanding that they be relished slowly when a drinker can focus on the craftsmanship that went into brewing them. A recent tasting of Crooked Stave’s IPA-style sour beer, for example, revealed a unique blend of typical IPA hoppiness balanced against its sour overtones.

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Denver Breweries: A Place for Those Who Are Sweet on Sours

Denver breweries may not always have a lock on original beer names but they do know how to create one-of-a-kind atmospheres for their patrons. Such is the case with the heavy death metal focused, Trve Brewing Company on Broadway. They opened in the early 2000s but expanded their portfolio by adding a new location in 2014. Presently dubbed, “The Acid Temple”, it’s a great place to go when you want to have a rousing, albeit sour, night of revelry.

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Trve Brewery’s new location spotlights sour, barrel-aged beers.

That’s right. The new location spotlights sour beers. They’re traditionally made with wild yeasts or fruits and come in a variety of styles. Among the most popular are oud bruin, Berliner weisse, gose, American wild ale, limbic and Flanders red ale. Trve Brewing Company has been producing several of them for some time now and we can’t wait to see what sour beers they come up with next. Their current line of sour beers is made with the aid of Breckenridge Whiskey, California Chardonnay and California Cabernet soaked barrels. They give the company’s brews a taste that even today’s self-proclaimed, Norse Gods would be hard-pressed to ignore.

At this time, there is no food slated to be served at either location. So, fuel up before or after you swing by for a great tasting brew and a throbbing earful of death metal. There are plenty of restaurants along South Broadway and in the general area. Consequently, it shouldn’t be difficult to find everything from a good egg roll and wood-fired pizza to a traditional pad Thai. The next time you join us for a guided tour of Denver’s best places to down a wild beer, ask us and we’ll be sure to point out our favorite dining spots nearby. To learn more about the tour and places like the ones we mentioned above, please contact us today.