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Falling Rock Tap House’s Plans Give Denver’s Beer Drinkers Reason to Smile


The Falling Rock Tap House has long been a tour guide and craft beer connoisseur favorite. Accordingly, it has been a part of our Denver Microbrew Tours for ages. What’s our favorite part of the stop besides the beer? For one, the hospitality is outstanding. And the ambiance is great too but it’s about to get better. How so? Pick up your glass, take a sip and listen while we share the details:

The brewery’s relocating to another wonderful part of Denver. Do you want to guess where the new tap house is being built? Okay, our tour guides will tell you. It’s Washington Street. Why Washington Street? Well, why not? It’s a burgeoning community that is close to a light-rail station and Interstate-25. So beer drinkers will have no problems finding it.

And the Washington Park area in general is perfect for walking tours. The community was originally laid out by a famous, German architect back in the 1800s. As such, many of the community’s old buildings and public spaces have great, architectural details as well as a fabulous feel to them. Plus, there are modern shops, restaurants and other contemporary amenities available near the tap house’s new location too.

The new location hasn’t opened yet and when it does, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. In the meantime, our DenverMicrobrew Tours will continue as normal. As always, they’ll include a number of area favorites and we’ll factor in the Falling Rock Tap House’s new digs when the time comes. Beer connoisseurs may want to check out the Washington Park area on their own too. The community’s park is exceptionally fetching in the spring thanks to walking trails, outdoor sculptures and flower gardens.

To learn more about where we’ll be going in the weeks ahead, please contact us for the latest tour itinerary.


Brew Dogs No. 1 Denver Craft Beer Bar

falling rock tap house

During Brew Dogs’ adventures in Denver, the dogs ranked Falling Rock Tap House as their number one choice among their Top 5 beer bars.

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog Scotland, and hosts of the Esquire network hit show Brew Dogs, are drinking and brewing their way around the US, Europe, and Canada looking for unique brewing styles, pairing local cuisines with local beer, and spreading the love of the craft brewing phenomenon. During their adventures in Denver, the dogs ranked Falling Rock Tap House as their number one choice amongst their Top 5 beer bars. The brew masters love deconstructing craft beers, understanding what local influences are impacting specific brewing styles, and where locals and visitors are drinking their favorite brews.

The dogs typically partner with their favorite brewery in the area, sample the brewery’s award-winning offerings, and work with their resident engineer, David Donley, to formulate a plan to make their own quintessential local beer. Their Denver beer was naturally a wild west inspiration, using black angus meat smoked malts, solar power panels to run the brewing operations and represent Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine, and a pale ale style foundation. Their meat smoked pale aleincorporated citrus notes from prickly pear cactus, a rich meaty flavor from Colorado black angus beef that fed on grass and spent malt, and a deep smokiness from the local applewood smoked malted barley. The breweries they visit, the brewers they brew with, and the brew pubs they drink in, all had one thing in common, amazing Colorado craft beer.

The craft brewing industry is less of a competitive market, and more like a supportive family of brothers and sisters, all eager to make excellent craft beer, support each other, share the beautiful nectar being bottled and canned out of their breweries, and encourage people to enjoy truly great beer again. So, please contact us today to take a guided tour of Denver’s finest brew pubs, tap rooms, microbreweries, and breweries to sample local offerings, earn about the city’s fascinating history, and visit the No.1 ranked craft beer bar in Denver the Falling Rock Tap House.

Best Times to Visit the Falling Rock Tap House in June 2015

Now that Coors Field is open for the MLB season, we can’t resist visiting the Falling Rock Tap House. It has been on our Downtown Denver Microbrew Tour for some time now and we just can’t get enough of the place. They’ve got some of the best summer brews and bar food available and the service is typically speedy. So you’ll be able to get in and get out on game days without much of a hassle.

falling rock tap house

Falling Rock is the perfect place for a pre- or post-Rockies-game brew.

Speaking of game day, did you know that Coors Field’s promotional calendar is full of great stuff in June 2015? For example, they gave away beach towels on June 2nd and they’ll be giving out 2015 Rockies Team Posters on the 19th. But that’s not all. Dad’s Day Weekend MLB fans will have a chance to score keepsake drink tumblers and baseball caps. Of course there are other giveaways planned too. So why not plan on taking in a MLB game, DMbT tour and visit to the Falling Rock Tap House sometime during the month?

If you decide to come with, think about ordering the Falling Rock Tap House’s Upper Deck Club. Made from the freshest luncheon meats, cheeses and veggies, it’s a real belly buster. And it won’t cost you much all things considered. There are plenty of summery ales and ciders on sale too. Consequently, finding the right bottle or pint glass to wash it all down will be easier than catching a Colorado Rockies player’s autograph.

If you love fruity beers, try Funwerks Tropic King, Firestone Walker Double Jack, Stone Go to IPA or Port Wipeout. Feeling like a taste of British beers instead? Then perhaps Sam Smith’s collection of craft brews will do the trick. The list includes organic, summery flavors like raspberry and strawberry. To learn more and sample them all the next time the Colorado Rockies are set to play, please contact us at Denver Microbrew Tour.