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Craft Beer Drinkers May Expect Plenty of Eye-Openings Sips Before Spring


Several breweries are planning to tempt craft beer connoisseurs with some very special offerings before spring. And many of those offerings have something in common. Can you guess which ingredient they’re hoping to focus on? We’ll give you an eye-opening hint. It’s something people tend to drink the moment they open their eyes. That’s right, it’s coffee.

Adding coffee to craft beer isn’t new. Creative brew masters have been doing for decades. However, this latest crop of coffee-loving, craft brew masters has come up with ways to elevate the classic pairing to whole, new, incredible levels. For example, have you ever heard of cascara sagrada? If not, you will in the next few weeks when brewers start releasing their finest.

Normally considered a holistic health essential, it is a natural ingredient found in shrub bark. One would think that adding bark to beer would make it bitter or negatively alter its texture. Surprisingly, it doesn’t do either of those two things. Instead, it tends to deepen the craft brew’s existing, coffee profile without adding unwanted aftereffects. And as we promised, cascara isn’t the only natural additive being used by 2016’s brewers.

Many are experimenting with the beer’s aging process to bring more to their coffee and cascara brews. For example, the young brews may be placed into wine or whiskey-soaked barrels to help give them a remarkable edge. Other craft beer manufacturers may skip the barrels and try adding a blend of exotic coffee beans or flavored syrups instead.

By now, you might be wondered where to get your coffee craft beer fix. One place slated to feature beanie beers in the months ahead is Copper Kettle Brewing Company. To learn more about them and other places to find excellent coffee beers in Denver, please contact us today for a tour.


6 States Where Craft Beer is Catching Fire

Depending on the state that you live in, craft beer may or may not be ruling the roost. Here in beautiful Colorado, craft beer is an obvious institution that most (if not all) people are familiar with, and many enjoy.

For a long time, however, there were states of the union that featured little to no craft breweries nor micropubs; somehow, it never became part of the culture or was illegal.

According to a new study published by the Brewers Association craft beer industry group, new statistics show that craft beer is rising even in states where it was not a part of everyday culture. An inspiring thought and premise to those of us entrenched in the industry of craft beer.

Here, now, is a list of 6 of the featured 10 states where craft beer is finally, once and for all, becoming a prominent feature around town (a fact that we couldn’t be happier about), and some of the craft breweries that helped make it happen.

Michigan: Wither brewers like Founders, Bell’s and New Holland, our friends in MI are finally stepping up to the plate and hitting a craft beer grand slam.

Nevada: Brewpubs became legal in 1993 (if that doesn’t tell you something, and kind of make you wonder…). Regardless, over a three-year period, the city of Las Vegas has seen a 25% increase in craft breweries.

Minnesota: Don’t cha know! With the help of Surly and Stalwart, Minnesota now has 73 craft beers. A huge increase over last year.

S.C.: While South Carolinians might have always had nice weather, craft beer was never on the radar. Recently, however, they have experienced a 33% increase in craft breweries over just last year.

Ohio: Ohio has been the butt of sports jokes for a long time, but with a 23.5% over just a one year period, Ohio’s craft beer industry is thriving and golden.

Alabama: Yep, good ole‘ Alabama, with their terribly stringent beer laws. Specifically in Birmingham, at the number 1 spot, has seen a 63% increase over just one year’s time thanks to new brewers in the game and relaxed brewing laws, like Avondale, Cahaba, Good People, Beer Engineers and Trim Tab.

Brew on!

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