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Falling Rock Tap House’s Plans Give Denver’s Beer Drinkers Reason to Smile


The Falling Rock Tap House has long been a tour guide and craft beer connoisseur favorite. Accordingly, it has been a part of our Denver Microbrew Tours for ages. What’s our favorite part of the stop besides the beer? For one, the hospitality is outstanding. And the ambiance is great too but it’s about to get better. How so? Pick up your glass, take a sip and listen while we share the details:

The brewery’s relocating to another wonderful part of Denver. Do you want to guess where the new tap house is being built? Okay, our tour guides will tell you. It’s Washington Street. Why Washington Street? Well, why not? It’s a burgeoning community that is close to a light-rail station and Interstate-25. So beer drinkers will have no problems finding it.

And the Washington Park area in general is perfect for walking tours. The community was originally laid out by a famous, German architect back in the 1800s. As such, many of the community’s old buildings and public spaces have great, architectural details as well as a fabulous feel to them. Plus, there are modern shops, restaurants and other contemporary amenities available near the tap house’s new location too.

The new location hasn’t opened yet and when it does, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. In the meantime, our DenverMicrobrew Tours will continue as normal. As always, they’ll include a number of area favorites and we’ll factor in the Falling Rock Tap House’s new digs when the time comes. Beer connoisseurs may want to check out the Washington Park area on their own too. The community’s park is exceptionally fetching in the spring thanks to walking trails, outdoor sculptures and flower gardens.

To learn more about where we’ll be going in the weeks ahead, please contact us for the latest tour itinerary.


river north brewery

River North Brewery Moving with Funk The Man Celebration

When it comes to some of the best craft beer in Denver, River North Brewery has been a highlight staple in the RiNo district. But by the end of October, you won’t be able to visit the brewery in its famed 24th and Blake location of the neighborhood.

The building River North has called home for over three years will be bulldozed in order to rebuild on the lot some apartment dwellings. River North is now preparing to move, but they’re going out with a big celebration and a big beer. Called the Funk the Man series, these special beer releases are variation of the brewery’s brett saisons from their archived barrels. Funk the Man challenges what River North Brewery calls “insatiable redevelopment, growth for the sake of growth and cash over community.” In contrast to the new development, the Funk the Man wants to celebrate how breweries like River North help to revitalize the community through engagement, collaboration, and fun in the district. The neighborhood will miss this location, and we’ll miss the 24th and Blake stop on our craft beer tour.

But we don’t have to worry for too long about River North’s disappearance. Their new location will be at 6021 Washington Street, slated to reopen before the end of the year. The new location will expand production and provide more space in thetap room, giving more space for drinkers to enjoy the local brew. In addition, the Brewery plans to make a comeback in the neighborhood with a new pilot brewery and taproom.

So good luck to River North, and make sure you stock up before the move! To learn more about some of the best RiNobreweries like River North, contact us.

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5 Winter Craft Beers to Try This Year


The craft beer industry runs far and wide across our country. Sometimes, the popular beers on the East Coast aren’t even available on the West Coast. This has a lot to do with distribution and money — many smaller breweries don’t have the capital or the resources for wide distribution.

However, for those who can try all the winter beers (no matter their area), this post is for you.

From porters to stouts to IPAs, please join us as we profile five great winter beers that you should try this winter.

1. Stone Smoked Porter: Very few breweries have an ego like Stone, but very few can actually back it up like they can. Try their Smoked Porter and find out why they brag.

2. Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter: Deschutes has branched out to the East Coast as of late, but they are still making great tasting beers. Their Black Butte is delightful, creamy, refreshing and… well, you should just try it.

3. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale: Worried that Sierra Nevada has gotten too big for their britches? Don’t be. Try their Celebration Ale and discover why Sierra Nevada is an American original.

4. Lagunitas Brown Shugga‘ American Strong Ale: Lagunitas has made quite the name for themselves lately. But their beer is worth the hype. Test out their “ethos in a bottle” known as Brown Shugga‘ American Strong Ale and see why they are a popular choice this winter.

5. New Belgium Accumulation White IPA: IPA fans, we didn’t forget about you. White IPAs have long been associated with the winter season, and this IPA is a testament to why. New Belgium has done a great job creating a winter warmer without the knockout effect often associated with IPAs.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today.


Do You Crave Craft Beer with Sprinkles, Whipped Cream and a Cherry on Top?

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Crave something sweet with your beer? New Belgium’s new brew may be just the ticket.

We’ve all at least seen or heard of floats made with soda but what about combining ice cream and craft beer? Sounds like an interesting prospect doesn’t it? Well before you grab some bags filled with hops and ice cream scoops en route to the U.S. Patent Office, know this. Someone has thought of the idea before:

As a matter of fact, several brew masters, including a few in Colorado, have actually made it a reality. So residents may often drink as well as eat delights like chocolate milk stout. The latest to hit pubs and shelves in Denver is Salted Caramel Brownie Ale. It’s manufactured in Fort Collins by Colorado’s own, New Belgium Brewing Company. The craft beer has 6.3% ABV and as expected, a distinctive essence not unlike its namesake.

It may be partially attributed to the two varieties of hops, pure vanilla, premium cocoa, ale yeast and a trio of malts. The nugget hops, in particular, help give the craft beer a mild, herbaceous aroma and average acidity. The Golding tosses in a hint of bitterness and deepens the craft beer’s aroma to include a touch of warm spices. The malts undeniably add to drink’s flavor too, not to mention its lovely, brownie-like coloring.

If you’re not into the taste of ooey gooey brownies, don’t worry. Other breweries in Denver have the opposite ends of the flavor spectrum covered with offerings like vanilla porter, coffee stout and raspberry limbic. One place that traditionally has vanilla porter on the menu year round is the Breckenridge Ball Park Pub. In addition to the regular vanilla porter, there are barrel-aged singles available from time to time too. They tend to contain hints of premium rum.

To learn more about ice cream flavored beers, beer flavored ice creams and other fabulously adult treats, please contact us for a weekend tour.

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Don’t Let Craft Beer ABV Concerns Keep You from Sampling Denver’s Finest


Have you heard the latest froth blowing off the tops of pints across the nation? Law enforcement and various public health experts have been teaming up to discuss one element of craft beer, it’s ABV. As this FOX video proves, stories about the two groups’ concerted efforts to educate America’s hops faithful have been cropping up on major news networks since early October.

We suspect the timing of the push has a lot to do with four of the biggest, concurrent drinking holidays, starting with Halloween. All across Denver, craft beer manufacturers and thirsty residents’ favorite hang out spots have been gearing up for it as well as the other top three. You guessed it. We’re talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

People worry the characteristically high alcohol content coupled with amazing flavors will cause some people to drink and drive. We’re hoping that they drink and walk responsibly instead. At Denver Microbrew Tour, we don’t believe in drinking and driving. So, all of our brewery tours involve walking throughout scenic Denver. As a consequence, participants may drink in the autumn beauty too. And we’re not simply signaling out the leaves.

RiNo and other craft beer laden areas of Denver are blessed with more than fall colors. Many businesses choose to add autumn art work to the idyllic picture, including murals and outdoor sculptures. Some of the bar and brew pub interiors happen to be well decorated too. Thus, our autumn walking tours are truly a feast for craft beer lovers’ senses.

Scheduling a safe tour that allows everyone to drink and walk responsibly is easy. Merely reach out to our craft beer tourguides online or by phone, the sooner, the better. And we’ll set aside tickets to one of our most-loved, craft beer tours, which generally occur on the weekends. Hope to see all the holiday beer lovers at our starting locations this week!


Coming to Denver: A New Belgium Pilot Brewery

When it comes to Denver breweries, the city already has a lot to offer: on top of its amazing beer history, there is currently a strong network of microbreweries to fuel the beer-loving city. And with a great atmosphere of brews, experimentation, and creativity, who could blame non-native breweries who want to become neighbors?

As recently announced, New Belgium will be moving a new pilot 10-barrel brewery to Denver’s Riverside District, sharing space with The Source Hotel. While new Belgium is anything but “micro,” the new brewery will also bring new small-batched brews and barrel-aged on site, as part of the company’s experimental vision the brewery will take part in. In addition, it will all be housed as part of The Source Hotel, a new renovation project in the RiNo district that’s bringing life to an old brick foundry. On the roof top, New Belgium will share the space with The Source’s culinary complex (and pool) by serving its brews with small plates in their beer garden. On the 8th floor, New Belgium will age its beers in barrels. Overall, it will blend in well with the artsy, industrial look of the charming district.

Still, don’t go flocking to just the New Belgium tap room once it opens. Downtown Denver is teeming with great localmicrobreweries, all of which you could visit in Denver’s RiNo and LoDo districts on one of our beer tours. To learn more about how you can explore and taste local brews in downtown Denver, contact us.

Gluten-Free? No Problem At This New Denver Brewery


When it comes to Denver breweries, you’ll find many traditional ales, from strong stouts to crisp pale ales or hoppy IPAs. But there’s one thing most of these beers have in common: a heavy dose of gluten. One brewer is hoping to change Denver’s beer landscape with a new brewery: a gluten-free one.

Great Frontier’s founder and head brewer, Mike Plungis, was inspired to create gluten-free beers after his wife, Anne, was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. Their son, and other family members and friends, were also found to have a gluten intolerance or Celiac’s. Mike’s first gluten-free beer recipe was therefore the Blonde Annie, named after his wife. His gluten-free lemon pale won a gold medal at the 2001 Great American Beer Festival.

Great Frontier Brewing Company is opening its 15-barrel brew house and tap room in the Lakewood area on August 21st, in what was once a Meineke garage. The brewery will pump many types of beers, with 20 percent of the brewed volume serving its gluten-free menu.

The beers are defined according to strict FDA- guidelines on what constitutes gluten-free or gluten-reduced products. As explained on their website, Great Frontier’s gluten-free beers are made without wheat, barley, or rye and therefore contains less that 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. Their gluten-reduced beers are made with malted barley, but processed to remove the gluten to below 20 ppm. In addition, Great Frontier also makes traditional (full gluten) beers besides their famous GF brews.

Having a brewery that specializes in gluten-free beers can help expand the horizons of all beer drinkers, gluten-tolerant or not. Overall, Great Frontier is joining a great team of local breweries that also brew a few gluten-free options, some whichcan be found on our microbrewery tour. If you want to experience more beer in the Denver area, contact us and join our walking beer tour of some of this city’s best brews!


Wynkoop Brewing Company is a political hotspot

There’s a lot happening in Colorado’s capital city: Bills are signed, laws are passed, campaign stops are drawing crowds, and sometimes – if you’re lucky – you find a big time politician sitting at the bar next to you.

Last July, Wynkoop Brewing Company was taken by surprise when President Barack Obama decided to stoop in for a beer and a game of pool with Colorado’s Gov. John Hickenlooper after a fundraising event.

The brewery told the Denver Post they didn’t receive any notice that the POTUS would be in that night.

Hickenlooper is thought to be more of a regular around Wynkoop. He founded it in 1988 before getting into politics in 2003 when he was elected as the City of Denver’s mayor. He held that office until being elected governor in 2011. He’s now in his second term.

The brewery was really at the forefront of the microbrew culture when it opened in LoDo. Hickenlooper left the geology field to venture into microbrews. His brewery is still going strong. Wynkoop offers 40 different styles of beer each year.

The two were drinking Rail Yard. It’s an amber ale and the brewery’s most popular beer.

For locals, mixing beer and politics seems pretty normal now. Hickenlooper chimed in when the White House released the recipes of the home brews Obama most enjoys.

“It’s none of my business and I don’t want to criticize the White House chef, but I think maybe they could use a little less honey,” he told the Atlantic.

Hickenlooper isn’t shy about his experience in the beer world.

The Denver Post even keeps a running list of the governor’s beer references. He hasn’t failed to somehow work in drinking into each of his State of the State speeches.

Wynkoop Brewing Company is one of the stops on our microbrew tours. Contact us for more information on this stop and others.

3 New Denver Breweries You Have To Check Out

denver breweries

Denver is now the second booziest state in the nation, thanks in large part to having 4.7 craft breweries per 100,000 people.

Colorado is known for its incredible beer scene. According to a new ranking, it can now add the honor of the second-most “booziest” state in the nation thanks in large part to having 4.7 craft breweries per 100,000 people.Weall know and love breweries like New Belgium, Great Divide and Oscar Blues, but Colorado is inspiring a ton of new and innovative breweries located right in Denver. We’ve narrowed it down to three amazing denver breweries you’ve got to check out:

  1. Our Mutual Friend- Founded by the drummer of Fear Before The March of Flames and some buddies, this tiny brewery is pumping out some amazing beer. Try their Gose.
  2. Jagged Mountain Brewery- This innovative brewery located in Denver’s ballpark neighborhood have a some awesome names for their delicious beers. Try their gotlandsdrika Men Who Drink From Goats. They describe it as “viking” beer.
  3. Former Fiction- This incredible brewery has been getting a ton of buzz because it revives beer recipes that are sometimes over a hundred years old to give their customers a taste of what their grandparents might have drank. Try any sour the have and you can’t go wrong.

The Denver Microbrew Tour is a guided walking tour through downtown Denver, Colorado’s historic LODO (lower downtown) and Ballpark Neighborhood districts. The tour includes beer samplings at several microbreweries and a localtap room, everything you could want to know about beer, a coupon for a pint of your favorite beer on the tour, and local Denver history. For more info on The Denver Microbrew tour, contact us today!