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3 New Denver Breweries You Have To Check Out

denver breweries

Denver is now the second booziest state in the nation, thanks in large part to having 4.7 craft breweries per 100,000 people.

Colorado is known for its incredible beer scene. According to a new ranking, it can now add the honor of the second-most “booziest” state in the nation thanks in large part to having 4.7 craft breweries per 100,000 people.Weall know and love breweries like New Belgium, Great Divide and Oscar Blues, but Colorado is inspiring a ton of new and innovative breweries located right in Denver. We’ve narrowed it down to three amazing denver breweries you’ve got to check out:

  1. Our Mutual Friend- Founded by the drummer of Fear Before The March of Flames and some buddies, this tiny brewery is pumping out some amazing beer. Try their Gose.
  2. Jagged Mountain Brewery- This innovative brewery located in Denver’s ballpark neighborhood have a some awesome names for their delicious beers. Try their gotlandsdrika Men Who Drink From Goats. They describe it as “viking” beer.
  3. Former Fiction- This incredible brewery has been getting a ton of buzz because it revives beer recipes that are sometimes over a hundred years old to give their customers a taste of what their grandparents might have drank. Try any sour the have and you can’t go wrong.

The Denver Microbrew Tour is a guided walking tour through downtown Denver, Colorado’s historic LODO (lower downtown) and Ballpark Neighborhood districts. The tour includes beer samplings at several microbreweries and a localtap room, everything you could want to know about beer, a coupon for a pint of your favorite beer on the tour, and local Denver history. For more info on The Denver Microbrew tour, contact us today!

RiNo District Continues to Attract Interesting, Denver Breweries

denver breweries

As RiNo continues to grow, we expect to see more Denver breweries popping up.

More than ever, it is a really good feeling knowing that the RiNo Arts District is part of our Denver Microbrew Tour offerings. The area’s list of Denver breweries just increased to include First Draft and New Belgium Brewing. Why is that so exciting? Well for us, any new place to kick back and sample a freshly released brew is cause for celebration.

First Draft, in particular, really has us mesmerized. A true testament to the power of freedom and choice, it gives new meaning to the phrase, “beer tasting.” Customers who visit have a chance to pay for their drinks in the most unconventional way. As such, everyone can sample away without fear of having to force down something they hate for the sake of not wasting money. And by the way, it’s already open for walking tour related business.

New Belgium Brewing is different from First Draft. First, it isn’t open yet and you won’t find craft beers sold by the ounce. However, when the doors do fling wide open in the future, they’ll be lots of sour beers on tap to keep everyone smiling. In meantime, sour beers are available at several other places in RiNo. Plus, there are old standbys, like French saisons and American standard ales too.

As RiNo continues to grow, we expect to see more Denver breweries popping up in the area alongside of restaurants and other establishments of note. One thing is clear, we’ll be watching with one hand on a craft beer mug and the other on our Denver Microbrew Tour’s office keyboard. As soon as we hear of interesting places getting ready to open along our tour route, we’ll be sure to share the news. To learn more about the existing stops on both of our ongoing tours, pleasecontact us in Denver today.

Breckenridge Brewery Giving Away Golden Tickets For First Tours

“There’s plenty of money out there. They print more every day. But this ticket, there’s only five of them in the whole world, and that’s all there’s ever going to be.”

Grandpa George said in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Breckenridge Brewery

Fifty lucky winners got golden tickets to the opening of Breckenridge Brewery’s new place.

There were only five golden tickets offered to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but the good news for Denver area residents is that fifty lucky golden tickets were awarded for the first official Breckenridge Brewery public tour.

The lucky fifty, plus one guest each, will enjoy an exclusive VIP tour, partake in the first public tapping of beer in the brand new tasting room, and receive goodie bags packed with brewery-related gifts.

The winners will be the first members of the public to see the new, $36 million brewery, set on a farm-like setting. The new brewery, at 6775 South Santa Fe Drive, is expected to draw beer drinkers from all over the metro area as well as out-of-state “craft beer tourists” who will see Breckenridge as a destination.

The Brewery’s new 12 acre campus includes the Farm House restaurant (which opened in May), the brewery itself, a tasting room, and stages for live music. The brewery design is a unique hybrid of European brewery and Colorado ranch influences.

Breckenridge, after its founding 25 years ago, has operated its primary production facility out of its headquarters at 471Kalamath Street in Denver for most of that time. Two years ago, they announced the move. The big grand opening and exclusive day for the lucky fifty golden ticket holders will be June 20.

Todd Thibault, Breckenridge Brewery Culture Czar, says,

“Being first at anything is great. We hope our Golden Tickets gives fifty people something to brag about, but most importantly, we just want to treat some folks to a really, really special experience.”

Simply contact us if you would like to know more about local Denver beer or to join us on our Denver Microbrew Tour.

River North Brewery Brings a Taste of Belgium to Colorado

river north brewery

River North has quickly become a favorite with the city’s craft beer aficionados.

It’s no secret that Belgium produces some of the best beers in the world. The good news is, you do not have to travel 5,000 miles in order to partake in the flavors of Belgian beer. You just have to find your way to the River North Brewery, at 2401 Blake St., #1. The brewery is situated about two blocks north of Coors Field, very close to the North River Arts District (RiNO).

Matt and Jessica Hess opened their award-winning brewery in February 2012. Matt’s brewing style is influenced by Belgian-style ales and American ales with a Belgian twist, and he adds an emphasis on barrel-aging.

“Early in my homebrewing career, I fell in love with Belgian yeast. Not only does it offer the widest variety of flavor profiles, but it also creates drier beers, allowing us to craft balanced and refined brews that are both drinkable and delicious.” – Matt Hess

River North offers brews in bottles, cans, and barrel-aged styles. The bottles come in 22 oz. offerings which are producedfive times a year. The barrel-aged beers are special and rare.

Brewmaster Hess generally produces one barrel-aged brew a month, in a run of about 120 cases. Some are annual, and some are never again produced. They’ve brewed everything from a rum-aged Quadrupel to a tequila-aged farmhouse style.

River North has quickly become a favorite with the city’s craft beer aficionados. Wednesday through Sunday, the breweryis visited by some of the city’s best food trucks, too, so you’ll have great local eats to go along with the delicious, locally brewed beer.

Simply contact us if you would like to know more about the local Denver beer scene, or to join us on our DenverMicrobeer Tour.

History of Denver: Raise a Glass to Larimer Square’s Quinquagenary!

Have you ever heard of a quinquagenary? It means 50 and there is one place in the Mile High City that will be celebrating its quinquagenary anniversary this year. Can you guess where it is and how it fits into the beer history of Denver? Okay, pull up a bar stool and we’ll tell you:

history of denver

We’ll introduce you to a number of colorful characters who once worked the beer taps, and the system, in the heart of Larimer Square

It’s Larimer Square, the one place in Denver where beer history runs deeper than the world’s biggest keg, which holds 55,345-gallons of beer by the way. In 1971 it was named a historic district and that’s certainly worthy of a toast. Back in the 1800s, the area was the heart of Denver’s craft brew industry and it remains an important beer Mecca to this day.

During our weekend tours, you’ll get to learn more about the historic area and its once thriving, 19th century watering holes. Among them are Lincoln Hall, Gahan’s Soft Drink Parlor and the Double Eagle Bar. We’ll also introduce you to a number of colorful characters who once worked the beer taps, and the system, in the heart of Larimer Square. Examples include Soapy Smith, Countess Katrina Murat, Davis H. Waite and the lovely, albeit forlorn, Amelia.

Of course there will be plenty of craft beer drinking going on during the tours too. We’ll be warming the bar stools at a number of popular places, including the Rock Bottom Brewery, Breckenridge Colorado Craft, Falling Rock Tap House and the Wynkoop Brewing Company. And we promise, the conversation will be as compelling as the beers.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for a quinguagenary anniversary celebration. Contact us now and reserve your tour of the historic district and its once suds-filled streets. All tickets include general admission and beer samples. Plus, we’ve got a special deal that includes a great pint glass to help you remember why Denver is the best place for craft beer drinkers.

Brew Dogs No. 1 Denver Craft Beer Bar

falling rock tap house

During Brew Dogs’ adventures in Denver, the dogs ranked Falling Rock Tap House as their number one choice among their Top 5 beer bars.

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog Scotland, and hosts of the Esquire network hit show Brew Dogs, are drinking and brewing their way around the US, Europe, and Canada looking for unique brewing styles, pairing local cuisines with local beer, and spreading the love of the craft brewing phenomenon. During their adventures in Denver, the dogs ranked Falling Rock Tap House as their number one choice amongst their Top 5 beer bars. The brew masters love deconstructing craft beers, understanding what local influences are impacting specific brewing styles, and where locals and visitors are drinking their favorite brews.

The dogs typically partner with their favorite brewery in the area, sample the brewery’s award-winning offerings, and work with their resident engineer, David Donley, to formulate a plan to make their own quintessential local beer. Their Denver beer was naturally a wild west inspiration, using black angus meat smoked malts, solar power panels to run the brewing operations and represent Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine, and a pale ale style foundation. Their meat smoked pale aleincorporated citrus notes from prickly pear cactus, a rich meaty flavor from Colorado black angus beef that fed on grass and spent malt, and a deep smokiness from the local applewood smoked malted barley. The breweries they visit, the brewers they brew with, and the brew pubs they drink in, all had one thing in common, amazing Colorado craft beer.

The craft brewing industry is less of a competitive market, and more like a supportive family of brothers and sisters, all eager to make excellent craft beer, support each other, share the beautiful nectar being bottled and canned out of their breweries, and encourage people to enjoy truly great beer again. So, please contact us today to take a guided tour of Denver’s finest brew pubs, tap rooms, microbreweries, and breweries to sample local offerings, earn about the city’s fascinating history, and visit the No.1 ranked craft beer bar in Denver the Falling Rock Tap House.

Denver Breweries: Come Celebrate with Strange Craft and Others

denver breweries

The much-beloved Strange Craft brewery turned five years old in May 2015.

If you’re a faithful follower of all things Denver brewed, you’ll know that it’s time to raise a pint of Strange Craft’s beer in celebration. The much beloved brewery turned five years old in May 2015. But don’t let their toddler status fool you in missing out on a pint. Although the brew masters have only been at their Zuni Street location for a half a decade, they possess the wisdom of brewers beyond their years.

Oh, and they’re pretty savvy marketers too. They know that nothing goes better with great, Denver craft beer than special events like One Barrel Wednesdays, Band Night, Strange Days, Gamers Group and Blues, Brews & BBQ. Plus, they make sure to open the taps early and stay late every time the Denver Broncos stop to throw the pigskin around at Sports Authority Field over on Bryant Street.

The Broncos, by the way, will be in town this August to take on the San Francisco 49ers. So be sure to stop by in the late afternoon. Hit up fantastic food trucks, like Burger Smith, Tony Guacamole and Wheels on Fire. Then position yourself at Strange Craft’s bar and down a glass of Watermelon Hefe or another seasonal beer before heading to the stadium.

And just so all the Denver brew fans out there don’t get the wrong impression; Strange Craft serves up more than just seasonal fare. As a matter of fact, they have a history of always inventing something new. Case in point, since they opened five years ago they’ve surprised craft brew fans with more than 100 different beers. So you just never know what Tim Myers and John Fletcher will have on tap when the Broncos roll into town.

To discover more about Strange Craft and other fantastic, Denver breweries, please contact DMbT today. We know the bottom of a Denver brewed pint glass like the backs of our hands and information rich tours are offered on the weekends.

Best Times to Visit the Falling Rock Tap House in June 2015

Now that Coors Field is open for the MLB season, we can’t resist visiting the Falling Rock Tap House. It has been on our Downtown Denver Microbrew Tour for some time now and we just can’t get enough of the place. They’ve got some of the best summer brews and bar food available and the service is typically speedy. So you’ll be able to get in and get out on game days without much of a hassle.

falling rock tap house

Falling Rock is the perfect place for a pre- or post-Rockies-game brew.

Speaking of game day, did you know that Coors Field’s promotional calendar is full of great stuff in June 2015? For example, they gave away beach towels on June 2nd and they’ll be giving out 2015 Rockies Team Posters on the 19th. But that’s not all. Dad’s Day Weekend MLB fans will have a chance to score keepsake drink tumblers and baseball caps. Of course there are other giveaways planned too. So why not plan on taking in a MLB game, DMbT tour and visit to the Falling Rock Tap House sometime during the month?

If you decide to come with, think about ordering the Falling Rock Tap House’s Upper Deck Club. Made from the freshest luncheon meats, cheeses and veggies, it’s a real belly buster. And it won’t cost you much all things considered. There are plenty of summery ales and ciders on sale too. Consequently, finding the right bottle or pint glass to wash it all down will be easier than catching a Colorado Rockies player’s autograph.

If you love fruity beers, try Funwerks Tropic King, Firestone Walker Double Jack, Stone Go to IPA or Port Wipeout. Feeling like a taste of British beers instead? Then perhaps Sam Smith’s collection of craft brews will do the trick. The list includes organic, summery flavors like raspberry and strawberry. To learn more and sample them all the next time the Colorado Rockies are set to play, please contact us at Denver Microbrew Tour.

Denver Breweries: Spotlight on One of Five Points’ Finest Additions

Denver breweries are not confined to a handful of streets. As a matter of fact, there are many sidewalk-lined areas in the Mile High City that sport a multitude of fantastic establishments where one can throw back a taste of liquid artistry. Five Points is one of them. It is where you’ll find the recently established, Spangalang Brewery. The brew masters there opened their doors to the public in April 2015.

denver breweries

Beer from Spangalang, one of Denver’s newest additions, is only available on tap at the brewery.

The brewery is located in a thriving strip mall but don’t let that deter you from stopping by after work for a drink. There is nothing “mass market” about their flavorful beers and you certainly won’t find them for sale in retail stores. Yes, we’re talking about pints drawn straight from the tap and nothing more.

Each one is well thought out and unique, right down to its intriguing moniker. At the moment, guests may choose from a fewIPAs, imperial stouts, a saison, Belgian table beer and a Belgian-style double. And they sport fun, roll off of your tongue names like Love Supreme, Hop Colossus, Night Walker Con Alma and Soul Sauce.

Prices at the Spangalang Brewery are easy on the pocket too. A sample will cost you a mere buck but you can expect to pay more for the 10 and 16 ounce servings. Not much more though. For now, all of their craft beer offerings are priced below $8 a glass. As for the ABVs, they range from a modest 4.5 to a hefty, 10.2 percent. The Belgian table beer is on the light end and the fermented, imperial stouts are on the other.

Of course a good, craft brew isn’t anything unless it’s served with a bit of hospitality and that’s exactly what you’ll find atSpangalang. The staff is friendly, the beer is cold and the taproom is clean as well as comfortable. To learn more about the place and other Denver Breweries in the Five Points area, please contact us.

Denver Breweries: The Best Places to Go When You Crave the Extraordinary

You are not likely to find run of the mill, Denver breweries in the city’s RiNo Arts District. Known for its happening vibe, the area is home to many creative individuals with an obvious disdain for the ordinary. And by the way, it shows. The “We won’t be defined attitude” is pervasive. You’ll find it displayed front and center, from the smallest gallery to the biggest brewery.

Which extraordinary Denver breweries are located in RiNo? We’re glad that you asked. The ones we’ve chosen to add to our tour’s roster are Our Mutual Friend Tenth Acre and Brewery, Ratio

Denver breweries

Great Divide is just one of the unique breweries you’ll find in Denver’s River North arts district.

Beerworks, Epic Brewing Company and Stem Cider. We’ve talked about all of them before. So if you’ve been following along, you already know what awesome places they are to visit on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Of course you’ll find other funky breweries tucked away in the RiNo Arts District too. The ever-growing list includes, but certainly doesn’t end with the following watering holes:

  • Black Shirt Brewing Company
  • Beryl’s Beer Company
  • River North Brewery
  • Mockery Brewing
  • Crooked Stave
  • Great Divide Brewing
  • Bierstadt Lagerhaus
  • Zephyr Brewing

Our DMbT RiNo Tours take place on Sunday afternoons and end well before the dinner hour. As such, there is ample time on the weekends to check out the artsy district’s other diversions. Places like the Fuel Café are open for brunch on Sundays. On Saturdays, you can generally catch them serving lunch and dinner. They serve everything from Dutch baby pancakes and green chile poutine to fried chicken biscuits. And by the way, there’s more than art, beer and biscuits on offer in the area. There happens to be the Forney Museum of Transportation, great shops and Control Group Productions taking place in Denver’s hottest neighborhood too. To learn more about the area and our walking tours, please contact us today.

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